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Perpetual Grace, LTD (2019) 1x01 + The Spanish Princess 1x03 Reviewed 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸


A poor bird. A man (Jimmi Simpson) tries to con a pastor (Ben Kingsley). It goes badly. The grifter is in too deep. Jacki Weaver, Kurtwood Smith, Terry O'Quinn and Timothy Spall feature. People act like they are on oxy. I've no idea what is going on or why. This was insufferably weird. This was really really bad and startingly poor. People are slack jawed and dumb and stare like they are on opioids.

Best Lines:

“Told people I was bad.”

“Disowned me from my home.”

“Use for my own secret purposes.”

An Audacious Plan

Arthur's dead and people talk about Catherine's dowry. People are grumpy and belligerent. There are no signs of remorse. Catherine is annoyingly smug and arrogant. There is simmering tension and Catherine plots to wed Henry and lies about having sex with Arthur.

The court has irreparably shifted with Arthur's death. Things are deliciously dark and there are grim circumstances. There are dark complex despicable characters. Henry VII and Elizabeth Of York talk about what they had to do to hold the throne. This was dull and one note and boring. Henry's nasty.

There is an inescapable nature of fate. There are bleak developments. Henry vows to marry Catherine. Elizabeth Of York and her child die in a nightmare childbirth as things go dramatically wrong. Will the Poles get lost? They keep riling things up and making things worse and causing a trail of hurt.

Best Lines:

“Your condition is an affair of state.”

“Passed around Europe like a collection plate.”

“Sounds of pleasure.”

“What are you playing at?”

“Fought a battle while I was in her womb.”

“Ill wish my child!”

“My one love.”

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