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Fringe Season 2 Ep 1 Review

A New Day In The Old Town

Peter bonds with Walter, his usual smart comments along the line of ‘Why won’t my bipolar dad stop being weird?’ are not present. They’re getting close again. I wonder how long that will last? Olivia returns from the other universe in a manner both spectacular and painful. Broyles has to save the Fringe division from being shut down. A new agent named Jessup shows up. Nina Sharp kisses Broyles. A shape shifter (Luke Goss of ‘Hellboy 2’, ‘Blade 2’ and former boy band stardom) stalks Olivia and communicates with the other universe through mirror typing. Peter says Fringe should stop reacting and start being pro-active. As for poor Charlie, well remember the monster pregnancy? Well something far, far worse happens to him this time. All in all this was a solid if somewhat mediocre ep. This was nothing special, shame to say.

How did Olivia recover from massive brain damage? What about all the evidence the Fringe division accumulated over season 1, how did that not count? What is Jessup’s agenda and what is with her comparing Fringe cases to the Bible? How does the mirror typing work? What is hidden? What did Bell tell Olivia? Why was Olivia’s return so violent? Why has the phrase ‘dark matter’ vanished from the opening credits?

Best Lines:
“We’d sit around and wait for somebody to die of some grisly macabre death or for the entire fabric of the universe to come shredding apart.”

“He also likes to check and make sure I’m still breathing when he thinks that I’m asleep. Which is a little creepy.”

“When the threat is unimaginable. That is when we are at your door.”

"Do you think it's a bad sign that I can say that out loud and neither of us thinks I'm crazy?"
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