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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' promo

A reboot.

Best Line:

“Tone it down.”

'City On A Hill' promo

“Run by had men.”

'Limetown' trailer

A mass vanishing, screaming and pillow punching. No.

'Frayed' promo


'The Farewell' tv spot


'Supernatural' final season trailer

The woman in white. Hell. No.

My ex has deliberate disregard. He stopped being in our relationship without telling me. He has no feelings left for me anymore.

What are cow fingers?

I'd try charred apricots and carmelised yoghurt chards.

I'll review 'The Testaments' and 'The Second Sleep'.

Who saw 'Bananas' or 'Cinema Paradiso'?

What are seaweed potatoes?

Who read the 'Smallville' fanfic series 'A New Destiny'?

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Dark and malignant.”

“Orchestrate some retaliation.”

“Asked him the wrong question.”

“Creating issues.”

“Police shot open the door.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“All Ireland food zone.”

“Solid gold toilet stolen.”

“Shout at him in the street.”

“Shouting at the television.”

“Danger to society.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Alibi warning.”

“Gangs of youths hassling drivers.”

“Outright thuggery.”

“Days of action.”

'Hollyoaks' Quote:


'Paperbacks From Hell' Quotes:

“Callous summer vactioners pretty much get what's coming to them.”

“Amniotic rage juice.”

“Jack Russell terriers rampage through the countryside leaving half-eaten tramps in their wake.”

'The Kids Are Alright' Quotes:

“The other option is death.”

“Drooling chimps.”

“Pancakes of doom.”

“None of those are places I care about.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Fancies himself an intellectual.”


“Life of fear, control.”

“Weakened trust.”

“External foe.”

“Societal change.”

“Lacks dignity.”

“Social isolation.”

“Lack of will.”

“Beset by evasion.”

“Nothing discloses real character like the use of power.”

“What are you talking about? Not that I care.”

“Ranting and raving like some kind of mad man.”

“He was like that most days when I was growing up.”

“How could anyone live this close to the Luas and not own a gun?”

“One of those imaginary conversations he likes to have when he's in the jacks.”

“She wrote of nothing but Ireland, a country in which she had no readership.”

“Legally precluded.”

“Disturbing signs of modernity.”

“Societal damage.”

“Have the slightest interest in anything that any human has ever thought, felt or done.”

“Demonstrably negative.”

“Serious effects on a person's lifetime prospects.”

“Bitterly dividing.”

“Such people tend to oppose European integration, Travellers, wind farms and carbon tax.”

“Committing acts so repugnantly vicious they put him beyond any hope of redemption.”

"Murderously uninhabitable.”

“A city where none should be,”

“We don't have the Molton Brown in the men's. There would be no point. They'd only try drinking it.”

“Lifestyle pub.”

'The Testaments' Quotes:

“Every women is supposed to have the same set of motives, or else to be a monster.”

“Too much of wrong in it,”

“Paced around a lot and sat down at the end of the dining table, and the Marthas brought him things on trays, and then he would go into his study and close the door.”

“Raised by the depraved.”

“I made choices, and then, having made them, I had fewer choices.”

“Mercy was a quality that did not operate in that place.”

“It's a skill, not reacting.”

“You have experienced the consequences of no, or some of them.”

“Selfish choices.”

“Decadent and corrupt society.”

“Better to hurl rocks than to have them hurled at you.”

“Vanished past.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Dominant cultural product.”

“Crazy-ass hillbilly.”

“Careful that the hoi polli don't feel threatened by you.”

“What's a badger?”

“Obsolete concept.”

“Treated as prophetic texts.”

'Lands Of Monsoon' Quote:

“Never to travel on the ground.”

'Sunday Independent' Quotes:

“Passed out cold in the bushes.”

“Dive bar vibe,”

“One guy threw up in my agent's closet, another crapped..."

“A superior person with all the right opinions.”

“Harbour penetration.”

'Teen Mom OG' Quotes:

“Negative self talk.”

“Push away happiness.”

'Everybody In The House' Quote:

“Youth bar.”

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