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The I-Land (2019) 1x01&1x02 + Unbelievable (2019) 1x01 Reviewed 🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝

Brave New World

People wake up on an island in this miniseries. There is duplicity and the people are very clean and well dressed and can't recall their names. A blonde has a knife. People act intrinsically superior. The opening credits are bad. There are constrained cirumstances.

A guy has odiousness. Things don't add up. Blondie is confrontational and abhorrent. A woman is nearly coerced into sexual activity. They have name tags in their shirts. There is no coherent or informed advice. There is a negative challenging tone.

There is deliberate provocation and strange items. TPTB mock 'Lost'. There is improper purpose and a book and perfidy and irrationality and ineliminable stupidity. A nice guy turns out to be a perv. There is a shark and no shared attiudes, emotions and values. Someone is chewed by the shark.

This is 7 eps long. This was unproductive. The trailer gave away too much. Decorum is undermined and I am relatively intrigued. There is disharmony and this was profoundly stupid. Things get immeasurably dangerous and a terrible pall is cast. There is impertinence and windbaggery and selective hostility.

The blonde bitch who bitches is KC. A weird sign is found. Inside a shell is a tracker and a mark in the shell. Neil LaBute directed this. KC is played by Kate Bosworth. Alex Pettyfer is in this. Is the dark haired shrieky girl the one from 'The Crossing'? Yes! This was not riveting and there are spiteful accusations and street bitches.

Best Lines:

“I don't think this is team building.”

“Time for the gun show.”

“Dead bodies don't float. At first. Takes a while.”

“Silently judges.”

“Insane talk.”

“Don't know where where is!”

The Gorgeous Palace

Shrieky finds a raft. There are not so good times. Shrieky hides the raft. There is no rapprochment just inequity. The perv's actions are ignored and shrugged off. The people do not stand united, resolute and in total solidarity. There is objectionable behaviour. People resist change.

Best Line:

“My antics?”

Episode 1

A limited series based on an article. A girl who lives in an At Risk Youth housing development says she was attacked. Her unreliability is almost inevitably cited. There is no concern or ethics. There is no meaningful process just discreditable behaviour by cops, the girl's foster mothers and those who are meant to help her.

People make no secret of their distain for her. There is police foolishness and incompetence. There is pretensions. There are irresolvable questions. No one comforts her. Ever. The girl, Marie, has a long medical exam. She's disconnected, disengaged and sidelined. This was lukewarm. Toni Collette will be in this later.

Nobody radiates niceness or earnestness. Marie had a lot of foster mothers. This hinders her future. This was soporific and ignominable. Marie is maudlin and misearble and this has no momentum. There is talkiness and unyielding people. This is not a searing dissection of the case of a wronged woman.

Marie acts unreasonably in people's eyes. People are horrendous to her. This was a complte disaster. People turn on Marie. One foster mother tells the cops that Marie made it up because she wants attention. The article says Marie forgave the foster mother for this terrible betrayal. WHY?!?

This was not affecting. This was beyond plausible even if it all really happend. People are unfair and there is grim realism. There is no emotional heft. There is disgraceful and unacceptable behaviour. People are reckless and irresponsible. There is no clarity or confidence.

This is a ghastly business. This fails to make much of an impression. Cops are unmerciful. This strains credulity. There is melancholy. The cops don't bother to look for the perpatrator. Marie is made to say it didn't happen and threatened with arrest and homelessness. She's mistreated and scorned.

Best Lines:

“Haven't been cared for.”

“Thoughts of killing yourself.”

“Give you a hard time about lying.”

“Take back your statement taking back your statement?”

“There are children present!”

“Look at me behaviour.”

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