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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Riverdale' season 4 teaser

What happens to Jughead?

'Birds Of Prey' teaser

Seen it.

'Titans' 2x02 sneak peek

Jason Todd whines.

Best Line:

“You must be able to keep fighting and win.”

'Titans' 2x02 sneak peek 2

Unnecessary combat rolls and wire fu.

'Batwoman' Gotham promo

Crows? Where are the Robins?

Best Lines:

“Not the hero of the story.”

“Do you feel safe?”

'Batwoman' worth saving promo

'Batwoman' surrounded promo
"We're all mad here."

'Batwoman' shop rules promo

Stephen King American Express ad


Truffle dark centre bar – nice.

The 1992 'Christmas In Connecticut' was bad. As was 'A Killing In A Small Town' (1990).

Who saw the 1991 'Golden Years'?

A new 'Dark Shadows' tv show?

'The Stand' remake casting is mmmm.

My ex lied and didn't fulfil his responsibility. I have feelings of isolation. How little my ex cares. He left me. He chose that.

In 'Rise Of Skywalker': is Kylo Ren committed, wholly and irrevocably, to the cause?

Read about the 2nd lot of 'Paperbacks From Hell' reprints: 'Black Ambrosia', 'Nightblood', 'Nest Of Nightmares', 'Let's Go Play At The Adams' and 'The Pack'.

'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Quotes:

“Darkest sin against god.”

“Not worthy of his love.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Beat him into behaving.”

“Not trusted in school.”

“Headed nowhere good.”

“Consequate in other ways.”

“Very desperate situation.”

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Quotes:

“I'm always on a couch or hiding in a deli.”

“Wear a wig and sleep in your bed.”

“I can't wait to tell daddy's grave.”

“You're poor and crazy.”

“You never speak urban slang.”

“Lamp mode.”

“Broken unstable personalities.”

“A lot of people can't read cursive.”

“We all regret our names.”

“A life alert.”

“I deserve attention.”

“The play made no sense.”

“Bring your turtle to work day.”

“6 floors under a grocery store.”

“Internet buying places.”

“I duct tape my wallet to my back.”

“Like the bladder commerical. It's funny.”

“How much are drugs worth?”

“Got shot by a cop mid performance.”

“Destroy emotionally, poison or push down the stairs.”

“This neighbourhood stays terrible forever.”

Gender neutral toys”

“It's alive and I renounce god!”

“Losing my toenail to a fungus.”

“Tooken from me.”

“I'll punch whoever.”

“The oldest profession.”

“Dinosaur lawyer?”

“Mole women on mole women action.”

“No one was willing to pay for what you did.”

“Where's your furniture? Did it leave you?”

“Not even the day my maid shot me.”

“What up bitch? I've been working on my girl talk.”

“Home Aloned those 2 burglars. By the end they were begging to die!”

“Jacqueline those 2 guys were Mormons! And he knew it!”

“The Germans didn't even like it Kimmy! The Germans!”

“Witch survives explosion.”

“Move over sushi racoon.”

“Beautiful genius.”

“You love my brain! Wanna see it?”

“Buying clicky place.”

“Vin Diesel to dance to dance at your birthday?”

“Red hair is a sign of inbreeding.”

“Yuppie transplants.”

“Your books make me feel safe.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Search for life beyond Earth.”

“Winter is Corbyn.”

“Scientific isolation.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Route guides.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“No one likes us, we don't care.”

“Not one single word that I have heard that would impress me about your client.”

“Lost democratic relevance.”

“Dubious basis.”

“Had enough of life.”

“Bound to obey it,”

“Ardently opposed.”

“He really does this and he does it well before it's necessary.”

“Political, ideological, cultural and identity civil war.”

“Believed that parliament, the legal system, the BBC, mainstream media, most political parties, quangos (packed with the “great and good”), liberal elites, multiculturalists, assorted apologists and do-gooders generally didn't speak for them. They no longer recognised, let alone respected the views and agendas they saw around him.”

“Sweetly chaste.”

“Likes to be liked.”

“Walking set of oiled abs.”

“Proposes disregarding them because their worldview does not suit her tastes.”


“Unrecognised help.”

“Flatulent corgis.”

“Deep divisions forming.”

“Community is united.”

“In for the long haul.”

'Batman' Quotes:

“I break into the Hall Of Justice archives and read their fancy secret stuff.”

“As she fell and fell and fell.”

'Pandemica' Quote:

“Should be made to wear signs warning people of what they are.”

'Afterlife With Archie' Quotes:

“There's no fire where you're going.”

“They're the lucky ones. They're already dead.”

“The world?”

“Of man? Is over.”

'Dark Shadows' Quote:

“The Collins family history is not particularly fampus for its accuracy.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quote:

“I'm a victim here.”

“Can't be the only soul around here that wishes you a terrifying comeuppence.”

“Deception with menaces.”

“Regard her as some kind of enemy.”

“Feel bitterly.”

“Revenge is a very poor remedy for loss.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“No reason to be optimistic.”

“Assets profiler.”

'Neighbours' Quote:

“You've no idea what you're apologising for.”

'Hollyoaks' Quote:

“What a dreadful girl you are.”

'The Sky At Night' quotes:

“Host stars.”

“Hot silicate levels.”

'Nurses Who Kill' Quote:

“Reality had hit home for the couple. They didn't actually like each other.”

'Murder She Wrote' Quotes:

“Cutting some of the Buds!”

“What are you doing sitting here in the dark?”

“Thinking dark thoughts.”

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