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Book Review: Velocity Weapon ☄🌌🚀🛰☄🌌🚀🛰🛸

Velocity Weapon by Megan E. O'Keefe

Book 1 of 'The Protectorate' is a tale of war, howls of grievance, AI, tantrums, thieves, lies and a doomed denoument. This was completly ludicrous, terribly dramatic and mildly daft. The plotline is rather mad. Characters are deeply unpleasant and pretty goddam useless. There is corrosive advice and psychotic behaviour. Nobody has unfailing attention and concern. Nobody has a healthy well balanced view of life. This fails dismally.

Best Lines:

“That timeline is irrelevant on human terms.”

“Forever revealed him to have doubt.”

“We took 'em with us to the stars,”

“They did bad things.”

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