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AndTheSeaWillTell (1991) Part 4 + Being Human (2008) + Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina 2x06 Reviewed

And The Sea Will Tell (1991) Part 4

She's acquitted. The acting is bad. Since this was made, Buck was paroled and he never implicated her. Her lawyer tended to speak in manifestos.

Best Lines:

“Big hunk of a loser.”

“If I'm innocent how come Mac and Muff are dead?”

Being Human (2008)

In this original BBC3 pilot Goerge is said to have an IQ of 156. Adrain Lester overacts as Herrick. Also Annie and Mitchell are played by different (and bad) actors. Claire Foy plays George's ex who he abandoned. This shows how the vampire, werewolf and ghost ended up sharing a flat.

This is an origins ep. A petition and the collapse of the proposed 'Phoo Action' show got this to series. Annie seems thick. George's ex has a violent new boyfriend. This was wearyingly leaden. George mans up to scare the girlfriend thumping creep away. Annie mentions the Men With Sticks And Rope in the afterlife.

There is no bloody Nina. Annie's selfish. The vampires plan to take over. This was a monumental failure. This was bad and tends toward the tedious. The characters brought down calamity on themselves and didn't the show end with the devil causing the apocalypse?

Best Lines:

“How did you die?”


“Lady shaped guests.”

“You'd be better in a fight.”

“Doesn't turn into 'The Littlest Hobo' once a month.”


“Any happiness we have is borrowed.”

“Said it was like in films.”

Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries

Witch hunters show up. Sabrina's been expelled? I forgot. Prudence overacts. Luke's dead. Who was Luke? Ambrose annoys. There is justifiable annoyance. This was ludicrous and dull. Roz, Harvey and Theo aren't too fond of Sabrina. She has no care for anything. Sabrina the satan worshipper wonders why Roz and Harvey are suspicious of her? WTF?!?

People polemicise. Nick was expelled? I forgot. I don't care about Sabrina and her emotional woes. Prudence is scathing. Witches have an appalling legacy. One has become less engaged with this. People have a refusal to engage effectively. Salem is seen. This was utter absurdity. There is rigid reasoning.

Lady Satan is served a meal she will never forget. This was incompetent and ineffective. How did the witch hunters get into the academy? The witch hunters are angels? Did Lady Satan kill her familiar again? I've total disregard for this. There is acrimony and bad judgement and the ghost children wouldn't go to heaven. One feels visceral anger at how stupid and boring this is.

Best Lines:

“Gruel again?”

“Rewards have been less than I expected.”

“Not really weclome there anymore.”

“Contemplate your fate in the abyss.”

“Witches don't cure people, they curse people.”

“Lick the bones clean and toss em at him.”

“She left. Again.”

“You should not have come to this place.”

“Name one good thing she's done.”

“They have no mercy to give.”

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