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Book Review: The Enterprise War 🌙🌛🌜☀🌞⭐🌟🌖🌗🌕🌔🌩🌨🥂🍾🍂🍁🧊🧁🦪🦪🦪🦪💶

Star Trek Discovery: The Enterprise War by John Jackson Miller

This is a dull novel that explain where the Enterprise was during season 1 of 'Star Trek Discovery'. This was hardly ground breaking as the Enterprise and Captain Pike face external threats and catastrophic situations. Baddies are amazingly belligerent and have societal horrors.

Spock is abducted and faces an enemy who control their captives with coercion, violence and threats. This was an abomination and an affront. Baddies have a deep commitment to making threats. This was mind scarringly boring. Pike has an unimpeachable character. People face unspeakable darkness and desperate terrible rage. The mission has a shattering impact on people and Pike is a serene presence.

People serve and do not question. There are acts of defiance, indignation and Spock's captors delight in his objection. I'm utterly mystified at how bad this was. People reach new notions of despair.

People learn consequences. There is disontent, anguish and foreboding. This was horrid. There is chaos and brazen challenges. This was not written with sincerist conviction. There is no coiled unease as the crew live with the awareness of the Klingon war. This was not substantive. This was monumentally uninspiring and goes into steep decline fast. This was not compelling stuff. This was ignominious and straight up stupid.

Best Lines:

“It's raining cyanide.”


“Hell had been visited on the Federation.”

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