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Star Trek Deep Space Nine 7x23&7x25&7x26 + Confess 1x03&1x04 Reviewed 🐈🐈🐈🔮💔💔💔💔💔

Extreme Measures

Bashir takes on Section 31. Bashir registers value judgments. This was painfully cliche. This was the definition of mediocrity. The plot predates 'Inception' by over a decade. The acting is appalling. Bashir has arrogant aggression. The UFP President from 'Homefront/Paradise Lost' is no longer President.

Best Line:

“31 had a man in his cabinet.”

What You Leave Behind part 1

Bashir is a ludicrous twit, he's a sad laughable figure. Bashir and Ezri's morbid fascination goes on. Keiko shows up. O'Brien and his family plan to head back to Earth. Bashir ended up sick, alone, miserable and catatonic in the reboot novels. Kasidy pukes. People have a penchant for the dramatic.

The main crew head out on the new Defiant to Cardassia as part of an armada. Where is the USS Enterprise? The war ends with helpless inevitability. TPTB finally got away from the inflexible need for sameness. There are behavioural challenges. Dukat bores. Winn's behaviour is not oddly perceived. Quark bores and is indifferent.

Dukat does not feel bad about his life choices. There is no apocalyptic dread. There are limited opportunities. The Dominion destroy a city of 2 million people to destroy the resistence. Mila is killed. There are potentially terrible consequences.

There are personally catastrophic events. The Cardassians turn against the Dominion. The female Founder grows more hostile. The female Founder never paid for her sins. Why wasn't Sisko talking to the Romulan leader as well as Martok and Ross?

There are no consistent ethics. There is toxic uncertainty. This was medicore. There is bad acting. Damar dies. There are startling exhortations.

Best Lines:

“If I get lost I'll just follow the ship in front of us.”

“Heroic idiots.”

“The Romulan flagship's been destroyed.”

“We'll try to help.”

“With what?”

“Final words are not permitted.”

“In case they fail.”

“We stop for nothing.”

What You Leave Behind part 2

Weyoun dies. The female Founder refuses to stop the war. Where are the other Founders? The evil Founder should have died instead of getting away with everything. The guest cast is enormous. Odo makes the female Founder order the Jem'Hadar to end the war. Winn and Dukat bore. The war ends, Cardassia is in ruins, Worf becomes an ambassador which was thrown away for the 'TNG' movies. Sigh. Odo heads off to live with the Founders and cure them. WHY?!? Vic sings. Oh stop, just stop. Sisko leaves. Winn dies. Dukat burns with the Pagh Wraiths forever. The acting is so bad. This wasn't good. Jake is left on DS9.

Best Line:

"A door that can never be opened again."

Confess 1x03&1x04

Auburn gets drunk. The custody fight goes on. This does not beget more interest. Auburn gets an offer and causes acrimony. There is emotional misery. Owen does drugs. This was dull, plain dull.

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