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Movie Reviews: Once Upon A Time In...Hollywood+The Benefactor+Their Finest+Get Out Alive + 2 more

Once Upon A Time In...Hollywood (2019)

Quentin Tarantino's latest stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Dakota Fanning, Emile Hirsch, Al Pacino, Bruce Dern, Kurt Russell and Lena Dunham. This is a tale of 60s nostalgia and the Manson murders which loom admidst the period details. This was good and uses the enduring obession with Manson and bizarre voice cameos from Adam West and Burt Ward. It also seems to say that Tate and co would have lived if an old time Hollywood good old boy had been around to beat them up instead of swinging 60s types like Tate.

Best Lines:

“Forgot my knife.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Well the f**king hippies aren't. That's for goddam sure.”

“Devil sh*t.”

The Benefactor (2015)

Richard Gere stars in this tale alongside Theo James. It bores.

Their Finest (2016)

Propaganda films are made during WWII. There are silly accents and women's talk in movies is described as slop. TPTB make a film about 2 women taking a boat to the Dunkirk evacuation. This was tremendously bad and increasingly dire. This was an absolute mess.

Best Lines:

“Fat policemen falling off ladders.”

“National importance.”

“Don't like a lot of things.”

“Got to get this into the cinemas while there's still a few of them standing.”

“Morale sapping doubt.”

“Leaking spleen.”

Get Out Alive (2016)

Steve Bacic stars alongside Beverly Mitchell in this tv movie about a couples retreat. There is bad acting. Women whine and bitch. This bored.

Best Line:

“Government conspiracy against me.”

The Man With The Iron Heart (2017)

A true story from WWII that stars Jason Clarke. A man who will be infamous marries a Hitler loving woman. The acting is OTT. The man joins the party. There is a fat Ozzie playing the infamous Nazi war criminal and his accent slides around. One Nazi soldier sounds Irish. The wife does not know what to do with her husband. He cares for nothing, least of all her. He plans the Final Solution whilst sounding bored. Finally someone kills him. Which comes at a terrible cost. This was Oscar bait, didn't work though.

Best Lines:

“He's weird.”

“Taken advantage of her virtue.”

“No German should have to read this filth.”

“Combat all that is negative.”

“Impure women.”

Sherlock Holmes: The Eligible Bachelor (1992)

Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke have their final bow in this incoherent film.

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