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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The I-Land' trailer

People on a 'Lost' like island are in a simulation. Mmmm.

'Bite' promo


'Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe' (1991) trailer


'Termintaor Dark Fate' trailer

People need to talk fast, Sarah has a cigarette voice, bones are seen and Judgement Day didn't happen. A human cyborg protects a girl. Arnie is old. Mmmm.

Peach iced tea – yum.

Gluten free springrolls – okay.

Crunchy mint M&Ms – okay.

Anyone else been to The Reform Club?

I despise my ex and his callous neglect. He callously threw me away. My ex has cruel dismissiveness. I am deeply sad.

What is iview?

I want a houndstooth cardiagan and eyelet skirt.

There is vegan haggis?

What are ski torches?

Who saw 'The Devil's Own'?

I won't read 'Top Marks For Murder' or 'Spoonful Of Murder'.

I want to try an indoor rain pool.

I'd try milk jam.

RIP the red squirrel mural.

Elisabeth Moss was in 'The West Wing'?

Peter Capaldi will be in a MR James tale on BBC4 at Christmas.

'Paperbacks From Hell' republishing 'Black Ambrosia' – it had better be in paperback.

'Hollyoaks' Quote:

“He wouldn't abandon us again!”

'Daniel O'Connell Forgotten King Of Ireland' Quotes:

“Heard my master curse him.”

“Most hostile of all.”

“Surrounded by critics.”

“A poor relation but he married her anyway.”

“Moral advice.”

“Haunted his dying days.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“More churches than bars.”

“Rotten corrupt old lady.”

“Jail could be her permament home.”

“What did you see that was positive about her?”

“I'm not no liar!”

“Find yourself dead somewhere.”

“May be the wrong crowd.”

“Throw all the knives away.”

“Trouble seems really easy to find.”

“Nobody trusts me.”

“Hold an active nail gun to his chest.”

“Don't start saying that.”

“Trouble follows you.”

“She bit the principle.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:


“Unbiquitous dereliction.”

“Conservative suit and narrow tie of the early sixties.”


“Destruction of the old bricks-and-mortar video rental business.”

“Sins of believability.”

“Offical resistance.”

“Such is the level of expectation of their behaviour.”

“Dereliction becomes endemic.”

“Charmless 1970s block.”

“Making a visible effort to draw in visitors.”

“Another empty unit with leaflets piling up inside the smudged glass doors.”

“Talk the town down.”

“Shopping hub.”

“Demolishing venues and cultural spaces.”

“Generated significant negative media coverage.”

“Display maximum restraint and avoid any course of action or statements that are liable to undermind stability.”

“Not guilty of what she is supposed to be guilty of.”

“Figure of hate.”

“Much less acccepting.”

“Refusing to be thrown in the landfill with the CDs and DVDs.”

The Kids Are Alright' Quotes:

“It's shocking that my brothers didn't me punch me more.”

“Wiggling sack of something.”

'Spider-Man' Quotes:

“You must be at least this tall to fight the sand creature!”

“Wriggle faster.”

“Did that hurt? Sure sounded like it did.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Very chilling consequences.”

“Fascist war machine.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“Find structure comforting.”

“Reversal agent.”

'Foyle's War' Quotes:

“Arsenal of democracy.”

“I hope you won't make that necessary.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Seeking peer approval and not getting it.”

“Make these areas completely uninhabitable.”

“Local newspaper cataclysm.”

“”Precious little reputation to defend.”

“Never learnt how to make himself liked.”

“Public boorishness.”

“Ability to attract negative headlines.”

“Possibilities have become actualities.”

“Sarcophagal imagery.”

“Persecutors howl for her destruction.”

“Condemned in popular culture and in the collective memory.”

“Desperate to provoke him to a reaction.”

“Land flesh.”


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