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Batman Superman Issue 1 Reviewed 👓👓🎠🎃👢🩰💄💍💎💋🎓🎓🎓⛸🏒🪁🪀🔮♥🎼🎹🪓🪓🪓🩸

Who Are The Secret Six? Part One

The duo hunt for the Infected. The Batman Who Laughs is from the dark multiverse (whatever that is) and he made other nutters like him. How does the Batman Who Laughs see with that ring of metal on his face? Where is the kidanpped boy? Is Gordon infected? How did the Batman Who Laughs build a batcave? What is Nth metal? People attack with infected batarangs. Shazam is infected and tries to muder Superman. Well that is one way to cash in on the flop movie by contaminating Shazam's soul. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“The rich boy plays dress up.”

“Hurt our enemies the way they hurt us.”

“No one thinks like you.”

“We'd be better villains than they ever were.”

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