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Star Trek Deep Space Nine 7x20+Cobra Kai (2018-?) 1x01&1x09+Lost In Space 1x03 Reviewed 👽👾🤖

The Changing Face Of Evil

Worf and Ezri return to DS9 and the Breen/Dominion alliance worries people. Then the Breen attack Starfleet HQ on Earth. Martok says the Klingons never attempted that, which is a LIE. There is janky dated VFX and Sisko whining about peppers.

Damar plots. Winn plots. The Cardassian drink Kanar is actually corn syrup. Casey Biggs who played Damar actually drank it. Ew. Dukat goes on about a forbidden book. Why are Bashir and O'Brien (who are English and Irish) obsessing over the US Battle Of The Alamo?

Ezri loves Bashir until the reboot novels where she treated him like something stuck to her shoe. Weyoun says the Breen homeworld is not a frozen wasteland and that they don't need the refridgeration suits. Why do the Breen put on an act? The Breen destroy the Defiant. Winn kills someone and finally realises she has boffed Dukat. Damar strikes back against the Dominion. This was okay.

Best Line:

“The Breen have attacked Earth.”

“Even my people never attempted that.”

“We're a conquered people. Servants in our own land.”

“All this plotting and secrecy. What are we? Romulans?!?”

Ace Degenerate

I've never seen any of the movies. In 1984 Daniel crane kicked Johnny in the face. Now they are middle aged. Johnny reopens his thug dojo. Miguel is a kid Johnny 'mentors' and Daniel runs a car dealership with billboards everywhere. Ralph Macchio has aged well.

Johnny has a kid he doesn't see. Johnny watches 'Iron Eagle'. Johnny got chocked out by Martin Kove for getting crane kicked in the face. This was goodish. Johnny peaked in high school and his old mentor Kove is engaging and terrifying even if he only appears in clips.

Best Lines:

“Stop being so annoying.”

“Who do you think bailed you out? Again?”

“You'll be the one who's feared.”

Different But Same

Johnny bothers Daniel. There is a teen party and annoying teenagers. This was extremely pathetic. There are phone issues and Daniel and Johnny talk about their ex Ali. A bitch gets wedgied. Miguel is a punk bully now. Things go awry thanks to Robby. No.

Best Lines:

“Childhood karate rival.”

“Do these look like people I'd invite?”



John wrestles with a rubber eel. The rather good opening credits show up. This ep is a 'Dr Smith' origin story. Her real name is June and she stole her sister's ID and left her to die. Her sister was played by Selma Blair. Where is the new world? Who got the property of those who went to the new world? June left her sister to die. Did she die?

Maureen annoys. June sneaks and the glacier is collapsing. Maureen is a btich and a bad mother. June is a lying liar who lies. There are no bookstores anymore. Eels attack the Jupiter 2. John is a bad ass. The robot says the famous line. The Jupiter 2 is powered by methane. June Harris does hostile actions. Maureen is called on her parental alienation.

Why is there a bag of salt on the Jupiter 2? Penny needs to shut up. Will is stupid. The Jupiter 2 is a residental transport vehicle. The family learn other Jupiters are on the planet. There is no independent thought. This was okay. The Resolute vows to find the lost Jupiters. The robot has got a gun.

Best Lines:

“Danger Will Robinson.”

“Got locked in the closet.”

“Is it dead?”

“It is now.”

“Fake their way into a new life.”

“Destined to be a future serial killer.”

“We will find you.”

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