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Book Review: Blood Sinister 🦨🦡🦧🐆🐅🐈🐫🦙🦘🦥🦛🦏🐎🦌🦞🦆🦆🦅🕊🦢🦚🦚🦉🤺

Blood Sinister by Celia Rees

2 women seperated by time, face ruthless pursuit by a menacing character in this 1996 horror. Ellen is dying of a mystery illness. She has no viable future. What is slowly killing her? Can Ellen escape what is being viciously inflicted on her? There are ice cold threats, a historical diary, unimaginable deeds, a monster who bears great malice and has an uncompromising stance and absolute rage and who is seeped in legend.

A boy once had an odd experience in a graveyard, no one suspects molestation. There is a mention of 'Mizz' and 'Just Seventeen'. This comes to an unsettling conclusion. The unnamed cemetary near the grandmother's house is obviously Highgate. Mention is made of the 1970s vampire scare that took place there.

People watch videotapes. Why is one character's ethnicity so obsessed over? Still this was ruthlessly efficient at 199 pages. This is a tale of a monster with unchallenged supremacy who does not merely want but needs. This shows the badness of his character.

A fateful encounter is about to take place, as a fearfully menacing deluded undead psychopath who is actively unpleasant gets got. This was good as people accept the creeping notion that the impossible is possible.

Best Lines:

“This won't hurt a bit. But it always did.”

“They hadn't been opened in thirty years.”

“Stuff that had been banished from the rest of the house.”

“Her word was not to be believed.”

“Driving a stake though the heart is not as easy as it looks in the movies.”

“On this night no stranger would be welcome,”

“Cursed be he who looks inside.”

“Get on home, the pair of yer. Don't you know there's a maniac about?”

“Time and again they were beaten back, at terrible cost, until at last they came no more.”

“To know friendship and then have it withdrawn.”

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