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Movie Reviews: Nature Boy + Screwball 🩰🩰🩰😴😴😴🥱🥱🥱🧬🧬🧬😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Nature Boy: 30 For 30 (2017)

This ESPN documentary about pro wrestling legend Ric Flair was okay. The men look old as his origin as a foundling in an horrific orphanage is revealed as is his wrestling career, multiple marriages, ignored children and family tragedy and triumph.

Best Line:

“Worse than it was the fiest time.”

Screwball (2018)

A good documentary about the baseball steroid scandal that convulsed America. A guy who fixed tanning beds played a big part in a steroid racket. There are re-enactments with kids. Tony a self proclaimed expert/doctor was hugely involved in the roids business. Baseball is big in Florida and Tony went to medical school is Belize.

There is talk of the anti-aging business and how Florida is full of frauds and fake doctors. There is a mention of the 1994 baseball strike. George W Bush bad mouthed roid users and there is talk of microdosing. People have stupidity and make fundamental misjudgments. The DEA got involved and business boomed, even high school students wanted roids. There was sleaze.

The Situation from 'Jersey Shore' was involved. A sucker whines. There were murderous tanning wars. There is no grit or nunace. This was tremendously enjoyable. There was theft and rationale was lacking. People mention Pete Rose who was banned from the MLB for life for gambling.

The makers of this do not like A-Rod. People end up in thankless plights and there was media exposure and talk of PEDs. People feared for their lives and talk of fraud and particularly negative events.

Best Lines:

“Ended up here after running into some legal trouble.”

“Always looking for a friend.”

“Time of decision.”

“Late 60s bazooka attack.”

“Hiding in the bushes.”

“Florida: the penis of America!”

“People who pretended to be doctors.”

“Rent out their perscription pads.”

“Short cuts to accomplishment.”

“Shady transaction.”

“Skinny players turning into neanderthals.”

“Looks like the monster from 'Predator'.”

“Natural born sucker.”

“On the ground looking for a vial of blood.”

“Turn snitch”.”

“Yay Lance.”

“The price I eventually paid.”

“Have no friends in this situation.”

“Felt like Ray Liotta at the end of 'Goodfellas'.”

“Lucky he's not in a canal.”

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