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Star Trek Deep Space Nine 7x18&7x19 + Lost In Space 1x02 Reviewed 🖤💔🖤💘💌🕳⚕⚛🈳⚜☢☣🛴🚌

Til Death Do Us Part

Kai Winn shows up and gets a message. Worf and Ezri are trapped. Damar drinks. There is callous regard. Worf is punch happy. Winn and Dukat make out, which is a depraved abomination. They clearly mean bad bad business. The psychotically manipulative Winn does not recognise Dukat? Sisko marries Kasidy. The Breen join the Dominion. Cue dire consequences. This was demoralising. There are resolute conversations in this absolute disgrace.

Best Lines:

“No one has ever seen one and lived to speak of it.”

“Cannot change what is to come.”

Strange Bedfellows

Damar is shocked at the alliance between the Breen and the Dominion. Martok recounts how his awful wife let his pet targ run away. Ezri is hateful. Worf kills a Weyoun, Damar thinks this is hilarious. Winn decides to serve the pagh-wraiths after the prophets reject her. Kira gives Winn advice that she ignores. Worf and Ezri realise their hookup was an error. Jeffrey Combs way overacts as Weyoun. Damar is sick of the Dominion and Weyoun and lets Worf and Ezri go. This was iffy.

Best Lines:

“Erased from the face of the galaxy.”

“Old men and walking wounded.”

Diamonds In The Sky

Other people are trapped on the planet and there is a chicken. Nobody has commanding confidence on their struggle bus. The mother was planning to abandon her husband to rot on Earth - there is no forgiveness for her. There is no bitter despair or certain disquiet in this ineffectual ep.

We see a Bill Mumy photo. The fake Dr Smith lies. People are rightly indignant. Survival requires a degree of unity that has proved beyond them. There are reckless acts and profoundly risky situations. Their robot has a secret. There is no intellectual ethos. The mother is insufferably cocky. The chicken is along for the ride. Someone else survived.

Penny is ignored. The mother is a bitch. Who manufactured this crisis? The mother has a tenuous grip on morality. She needs a slap. The mother annoys in unrelenting fashion and dismisses the father. Judy annoys.

The mother is increasingly intolerant and has scornful mistrust. I've a great aversion to her. The robot is seen as a saviour. Nobody is socially responsible. The Han Solo of the show Han Solo's. Unfortunate consequences will unfold. Who or what paid for the Resolute and all the Jupiters? A Chariot is driven.

The mother has toxicity and is dark and disturbing. This was not brilliant with structure or formatting. This was not raw or intense. Penny assembles and drives the Chariot. There are no pivotal moments. The alien ship is explored and we see a map.

Will realises the robot attacked the Resolute and keeps it a secret. Thus proving why it was right he was rejected for the colony ship. Where did they get goggles? What is the fake Dr Smith up to? The fake Dr Smith abandons two people to die to save herself. How did Will and co walk so far that Penny has to keep on driving and driving to find them? It rains diamonds. What fuels the Chariot? Parker Posey of 'Blade Trinity' is the fake Dr Smith.

Best Lines:

“Make sure nobody has to bury us.”

“You're a good man even if you wish you weren't.”

“The sand is sharp as diamonds. Might even be diamonds.”

“Your robot's creepy.”

“I can't believe people pay people for that.”

“Personal-weight allocation.”

“Completely self-interested.”

“Engaging winter mode.”

“What galaxy is this?”

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