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Star Trek Deep Space Nine 7x16&7x17 Reviewed 🥱😴👅👁👀🎃🎀🧤👜👛🩰🩰🩰🩰🎓🎓💋🧬⚖🕯🪐

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Section 31 bother Bashir and his over acting again. The UFP and Romulans hang out. There are Romulans and Romulan ale and ugly dress uniforms. Ross is laid up. Bashir is an idiot. TPTB ruin Ross. There is bad acting in this mediocre ep. What would Bashir do if he knew what Sisko did to get the Romulans into the Dominion War?

Best Lines:

“Pleasant to meet you.”


“These are not nice people.”


The 10 part finale of the show begins with this ep. Sisko plans to buy land on Bajor. Sisko is part wormhole alien? Sisko plans to marry Kasidy Yates. Klingons have escape pods? Worf is MIA. Damar rants about the Cardassian dead in the war. Weyoun rants about the founders being gods and is a tool.

Ezri aka tinkertrill steals a runabout and goes looking for Worf. Sisko proposes to Kasidy. The founders are afflicted with a disease. Dukat shows up, he's got over Damar murdering his daughter. Ezri whines and does it with Worf in a flurry of BAD acting. Sigh. The Breen show up. Weren't the Breen deranged isolationists? Worf recalls the Trill reassociation rule which Ezri shrugs off. Dukat does something gross. Sisko is told not to marry Kasidy. This was okay but had some shonky acting.

Best Line:

“How can a god be ill?”

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