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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker' special look

A fleet of Star Destroyers. Don't die Kylo Ren! Rey has a black hood and a red light sabre/staff. Oooohhh!

'Confess' trailer


'Lucy In The Sky' trailer

An astronaut, Natalie Portman, John Hamm and space.

Best Line:

“My known life.”

'American Horror Story: 1984' trailer

A slasher plot, tiny shorts, huge hair, a summer camp and I'm there. Sadly Mitch Pileggi is in this. God I HATE him.

'A Confession' promo

Go away Martin Freeman.

'Titans' season 2 trailer

Superboy, Hawk makes demands, Raven cries, Jason Todd needs a slap and Bruce is an ass. Slade Wilson lurks and is Dick becoming Nightwing or not?

Best Line:

“You're not Robin anymore.”

'The 100' promo


The 2020 'Star Trek' books sound good.

Who saw 'The Love Field'?

I have the inevitable loneliness of someone ditched by their SO. I'm being ignored by my ex which is damaging and hurtful. He has no decency or strength of character. I don't exist on his list of priorities. I don't feel cared about. He's uncaring and selfish.

How on 'The Handmaid's Tale' can the ICC prosecute Fred and Serena Joy? The US and I'm sure Gilead NEVER signed up to it!

'Father Brown' Quote:

“Repellent little man.”

“Die from your own selfishness.”

“Twisted corpse of Sir Mortimer.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Breeding swarm.”

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Quotes:

“Empathy response.”

“Suck the peanut butter off those pills.”

“Shut up nerd you're ruining it.”

“Very comfortable working with eels.”

“Prostitue lounge.”

“Cyndi Lauper just killed that stripper.”

“They still have paper business cards.”

“Zipper inspector.”

“Busted skank.”

“Follow him too closely down a water slide?”

“People with Hotmail accounts.”

“Bad man.”

“I do what you want me to do.”

“This thing's not going to suck itself!”

“Now at a military academy for peculiar children.”

“That eel safety video of yours.”

“Not a Weinstein or a Spacey or the President!”

“I've forgotten what it's like to make a salesgirl call her mother and question moving to New York in the first place.”

“Shopping, spas and brunch.”

“Written by a rich mean gay man.”

“Should have put batteries in the carbon monoxide detector.”

“I was trying to impress Jenny McCarthy and unfortunately it worked.”

“Aspirational hat.”

“I'm a verified Yelp complainer!”

“Bunker vibe.”

“Prepare to be appreciated.”

“Don't want to fall asleep with your mouth open in that house!”

“Fire alarm puller.”

“My babysitters keep falling off boats.”

“Falling for a college professor with a dark secret.”

“Why is Treat Williams looking at her like that?”

“Make him meaner to us.”

“I spent 15 years underground. That's where dirt is.”

“Shared a plastic toilet pumpkin.”

“White lady porn.”

“Push a lady down the staircase.”

“I will be writing a Yelp review about this experience.”

“Tragedy contest.”

“Documentaries are like the books of movies.”

“I know some karate videos I can throw at you!”

“Fire burns.”

“Acting weird at a Wal-Mart.”

“Regular punch.”

“Women freed, have no idea who Ke$ha is.”

“Picture of an old Irish witch.”

“White kidnapping.”

“Bad sick.”

“Dumped like a poo!”

“Magical elves.”

“Something done did.”

“Things were fine until we started letting them make their own decisions.”

“Making decisions good.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Such an awful human being.”

“Chemicals of death poisoning you through air vents.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Complex internal layout.”

“Hasn't been easy in this house.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“At that time I never thought badly of him.”

“Expressed a wish for someone to do something.”

“What led this civilisation to disappear from the face of this planet?”

“No-first-use doctrine.”

“Global panic.”

“Resent enforcement.”


“Public nuisance laws.”

“Continuing reluctance.”

“Societal shift.”

“Falsely implying.”

“A remarkable unwillingness to accept nature as part of urban life.”

“Pander to their wants guilt-free.”

“They despise the court and the rules-based global order it represnets.”

“Appeared to ignore his shortcomings.”

“Took him home without question.”

“My sympathy towards him is limited.”

“Communities have very long memories,”

“Singled out for difference.”

“Profound realisation.”

“Construction sand, now depleted entirely in Vietnam, will be exhausted globally within 50 years;”

'Flatliners' (2017) Quotes:

“Say goodbye to your future.”

“Existental dread.”

'Lewis' Quotes:

“Tale teller.”

“A brandy or 3.”

“How ghastly.”

“I never lock it. It's not fitting.”

“Always patient wife.”

“Low maintence gardening.”

“Affectionate nibbles.”

“Life's given him a kick in the face.”

“Unrighteous evil.”

“Sad loner.”

“It's sick.”

“It's Oxford.”

“One true maiden.”

“He was what he was.”

“Not more flipping elves.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Overselling the benefits.”

On 'Hollyoaks': TPTB are doing a who's the daddy plot with Mercedes. Again. FFS. Mercedes was ready to abandon her son. Then she learned Liam bullied her son so she gets up on her moral high horse and dumps Liam. Tony meances Sylver with a bit of wood. One recalls when Tony and Diane tried to meance local thug Trevor. Sylver never wears sleeves. Sylver did 18 years for murder? Hollyoaks pond has ducks. Diane does something stupid about Finn. Again. Mercedes never had custody of her son and then kidnapped him from his guardians. Sylver is an ex con and yet social workers are not involved in their lives.

Best Lines:

“You disgusting little coward!”

“You stupid cow!”

“I framed Harry for the hit and run! For you!”

“You're the one that's brandishing a chair leg!”

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