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Book Review: The Queen's Promise 😥😥😥😥🍫🍫💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

The Queen's Promise by Lyn Andrews

This 2012 novel tells of the most infamous woman of her age and the man who would love her for all time. This has a terrible cover with Anne Boleyn's lips caked in photoshopped on lipgloss. There is also lace in Tudor England, use of the word Catholic, only 2 mentions of Cromwell, Henry Percy is a wet rage and his former squire is BFF's with Robert Aske.

Henry Percy is a bookish invalid who is generous to those who have wronged him. Anne Boleyn is utterly adored by him and King Henry VIII but their utter adoration doesn't last. There is terrible revenge by various people and Percy is a ruined man for life due to his ill health, loss of Anne and his failed marriage to a harpy.

There is exposition but this is hlafway decent. Anne Boleyn is largely dreadful as she displays hauteur and predatory manipulative behaviour and corrupt dominance. Henry VIII isn't in this book but his presence is felt. Anne Boleyn is got rid off when Henry VIII realises marrying her literally solved none of his problems and probably created more.

Best Lines:

“Of little account or estate.”

“Arrogant dictate.”

“A future that stretched bleakly ahead of him.”

“Find little favour.”

“I was not fully aware how matters stood.”


“Determination that you shall have neither her husband nor her crown. And she has the support of the people, which you do not.”

“Risk death at this hand.”

“Sight fixed implacably on a crown.”

“Events long past and scarce recalled.”

“Would take herslef off to some distant house and remain there indefinitely.”

“Be way in your dealings with him.”

“Never to know peace within his home and family?”

“Wish to see her cast down.”

“Evil lies.”

“Seeking to placate and soothe her.”

“Honoured as if she were a virtuous woman.”

“Upstart usurper,”

“Bode ill.”

“Devoid of grace, wit or personality.”

“Charming virtuous.”

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