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Witchblade Review Part 4


Dante's back as a released killer goes on a hunt for new victims. Nottingham
continues to be over erudite and Danny's niece Mija is truly stupid. An
awful episode.


Best Lines:
"Like the angel, the messenger. Seems you have an affinity for ancient

"I confessed to him and he ran out screaming."

Sara is haunted by Irons, Ian must have stolen his daddy's clothes as he
wears a suit and Gabriel has a girlfriend. Then Sara picks a guy up in the
bathroom of a greasy spoon cafe. Needless to say this is not a good idea as
he turns out to be a immortal with a mission. There are hints of
Gabriel/Sara UST and some freaky visions of what Daniel could have done to
Sara's friends. This was good.


In an episode that bears some resemblance to the mob subplot of 'The Dark
', a new villain has arrived in town to consolidate all the mobs. The
mysterious new mob bosses name is V (like in 'V for Vendetta'). Soon
evidence piles up that V is in fact Sara's father, who has been dead for 20
years. So Danny, Jake and Sara dig up James Pezzini's grave to see what they
find. It all turns out to have ties to Nottingham and Roger Daltrey makes a
2nd guest appearance in the show, first playing a fortune teller in drag and
then old scratch himself. Another good episode, but plot points like Vicky's
alcoholism and the question of does Sara need to resit the periculum and
Elizabeth Bronte's existence seem to have been dropped.


A man contacted Gabriel before he was killed. So Sara and Gabriel
investigate while sporting swank sunglasses. Somehow they find a roll of
film under a park bench that was missed by a whole posse of covert ops
agents. Then they have to go on the run as Sara has ghostly visions of JFK.
It is hinted that Jake is still an undercover fed. A black nailpolish
sporting Nottingham grabs Gabriel by the throat. Gabriel somehow escapes
from a moving car during a car chase without anyone noticing but then gets
beat up again. In the end all is well but the covert ops agency now know all
about Sara after they see her use the Witchblade to punch a bullet. This was


Gabriel films a documentary (why?) as the gang investigate a hate group.
Another lot of immortals show up. Gabriel knows Bulgarian, the Witchblade
doesn't give Sara the ability to read Bulgarian but it does give her the
ability to loan out the Witchblade. Eric Roberts guest stars as a the
baddie, now he would have made a far better Irons. This was okay.


Every show does a 'Fight Club' rip-off at some point and now it is this
show's turn. Danny and Jake go undercover at a fight club, somehow nobody
recognizes Jake from when his mugshot was splashed across the city. Sara
meets Conchobar after his return has been foreshadowed all season.
Nottingham tracks a woman named Aras, who is Sara's evil doppelganger and
tells her to take the Witchblade. Sara wins out but Conchobar is left
comatose. Dull.


Best Lines:
"I have found purchase in the minds of many and can emerge in them at

"I wanna taste you when this is over, but not if you're damaged goods."

The Witchblade is stolen by Lucrezia Borgia who can time walk. When she
wears the Witchblade the stone is blue instead of red. Meanwhile people go
on murder sprees after accessing the cyberfaust website. And who is
cyberfaust? None other than Irons who is downloading his consciousness into
people's heads and turning them into homicidal maniacs. Nottingham finally
clues Sara in on the fact that the Witchblade can't kill anyone who has
wielded it. So Sara heads for a showdown with Lucrezia, Irons and Gabriel.
Yes, Gabriel. Irons has possessed Gabriel. Though Sara defeats Irons, it
seems that Gabriel may not be himself anymore. Sara rides off into the night
and the show was cancelled. This was good.

So there was no season 3 and no answer to whose side Ian was one, when did
Irons posses Gabriel, how Irons got his hand back, Irons fate or what the
hell was up with Gabriel. How did Gabriel get Irons' scar on his hand? Was
he being set up to be the season 3 villain? 
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