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Book Review: Gaslight Gothic, part 2

Gaslight Gothic: Strange Tales Of Sherlock Holmes: edited by J.R. Campbell and Charles Prepolec part 2

A Matter Of Light

By Angela Slatter. A rich pervert dies. People wonder who killed him and they don't care about the perversion. There are utterly disgraceful moral stances, myth making, nobody can justify the perv's actions and so ignore them and the final reveal is not unsettling. The results of this are not positive.

Best Lines:

“Shame-faced butler.”

“A desperate person seeking a way out of an unpleasant life.”

“Rather more loudly than she should.”

“Apparently horrified at the sight of a woman's unwashed garments.”

“Unsavoury and unnecessary.”

“Bitterly resented his intrusion into the life of the household.”

“Not the one displaced.”

“What maid has such a pristine apron on after midnight.”

“Untold centuries of regret.”

The Song Of A Want

Told in the form of a letter; this is a tale of mudlarks, Wiggins, ugly ugly choices and urban hellscapes. This was not viscerally disturbing with no nasty suprises. This is a tale of unspoken darkness and a pre-Watson Holmes who is lonely. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Hard hurt.”

“There wasn't a home anymore.”

“Something might befall you in one of these wretched alleys, something you wouldn't like.”

“You aren't wanted.”

“You shan't enjoy the results.”

“I may yet have mercy on you.”

“No one will ever feel that way about me.”

“He was wrong.”

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