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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'The Report' teaser

Adam Driver is idealistic. There is burning VHS and truth matters and Jon Hamm.

Best Lines:

“183 times.”

“Would print it tomorrow.”

Goldenrod honey – nice.

Sparkling Mexican lime & lemongrass – yum.

Sparkling rose blossom cocktail – yum.

There's a Jaffa Cake scented candle?

'The Spanish Princess' has been renewed.

There will be a sequel to 'The Babysitter'!

There's a film called 'Zombie Tidal Wave'?

I thought my ex gave me unfailing support. He didn't. His mask is off. I know what he is now.

'Lewis' Quotes:

“T.S Elliot.”

“Don't know the fellow.”

“Dad's living in Dubai with the au pair.”

“That's what Oxford is for.”

“When did she dump you?”

“When I stopped being useful.”

“Nobody more irrelevant.”

“She wouldn't have been safe with bullets.”

“Scam? Could you define the word.”

“Take anyone who could read or write.”

“I despise my elected government.”

“Chose to live dangerously and lost.”

“I'm writing a book.”

“Isn't everybody?”

“Very good at long words.”

“Didn't even go to a posh school.”

'Reggie Yates Extreme UK' Quotes:

“Look in the mirror and be happy with what I see.”

“When he's not peeling off his vest.”

“Gym user.”

“That's so grim.”

“That's horrible.”

“Old school guys.”

“The gym is my life effectively.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:


“Sniffing dogs.”

'The Queen's Promise' Quotes:

“There are other ways of gaining esteem and favour,”

“Look with affection upon our loyalty.”

“Held no exalted position that she had heard of.”

“Doing his bidding daily.”

“Nothing ungodly taking place under my roof.”

“Did believe that love would come.”

“Subject of vile gossip.”

“Not the ways of the Border.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Go so wrong so quickly.”

“Worthy of a husband.”

“Shamed and rejected.”

“Severe consequences.”

“Reacted to him like this.”

“He said he didn't say that.”

“Jeopardise futures.”

“The fish will be moved to another resevoir.”

“Nationalist ire.”

“Kill the chicken to scare the monkey.”

“Claiming against all evidence.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“No representative body to advocate on their behalf, nor are they given articles in national newspapers.”

“People were gone demented.”

“Ultraviolent Gerard Butler movies.”

“Shudder with full body flashback to the killer's painful childhood.”

“Solid B-movie charisma of a prince in a direct-to-vhs Disney sequel,”

“Stoical granite-browed character.”


“Became a pop-culture icon from beyond the grave.”

“Decide on the way of the future.”

“Met with blank vacant stares and ignored.”

“What happened, why it happened.”

“Any action deemed necessary.”

“Would have become such a hostile country.”

“The end of drinking cans in public parks being acceptable.”

“Tolerant sigh.”

“Moralistic ravings.”

“Lack of morality and damage to society.”

“Socially unacceptable.”

“Helpless, voiceless, in need of rescue.”

“Truly abject person.”


“Homeless for the lack of crumbling barns and ruined castles.”

“With no intention of returning.”

“Then they called me a liar.”

“Accused of not telling the truth.”

“Erosion of trust in society.”

“Family protection concern.”

“Didn't even try.”

'Jade' Quotes:

“Dashed behind some bushes.”

“Down his underpants.”

“Grimmer and grimmer and grimmer.”

“General astonishment.”

“A sign of what was to come.”

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Quotes:

“'Attack Of The Clones' was such a turd.”

“Men always want what they can't have: Cuban cigars, a watchable Superman movie.”

“Dog masseuse.”

“He wants you.”

“A jigsaw puzzle? You already got the picture on the box bitch!”

“Thinks Hurricane Katrina was a David Copperfield illusion!”

“I don't want to talk to them. Ever.”

“It was gotten.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Mercedes learns Bobby is afraid she'll abandon him again so she plans to abandon him (again) and her husband to run off with the vile Liam.

Best Lines:

“Scary Poppins.”

“Your husband bought you a coffin! Do you understand how weird that is?”

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