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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Informer' tv spot


'Underwater' trailer

In a lab 7 miles under water dwell Kristen Stewart and T.J. Miller. What's out there? This looks okay.

Best Lines:

“We don't know what came out.”

“Walk across the bottom of the ocean?”

'Elite' season 2 trailer

Characters are not burdened by any brains or personality.

Best Line:

“Narco Barbie.”

'Marriage Story' teaser

What she loves about Charlie. Oh Adam Driver.

'Antlers' trailer


What was New Journalism?

I feel unappreciated.

I won't read 'Dive Smack'.

I'll review 'The Royal Art Of Poison', 'Beneath The Attic', 'The Happy Man', 'Blood Sinister', And So It Begins', 'The Enterprise War', 'The Spirit' and 'Velocity Weapon'.

'Krypton' has been cancelled: the showkiller strikes again!

'Generation Z' on Channel 4 could be good.

I would esteem it a favour if my ex got hit by a bus. I gave my ex my devotion and he gave it to a hoyden. I thought my ex had enduring regard for me. I feel perpetually disconnected and the pain that can only be caused by family itself.

'RTE News' Quote:

“Airbourne means.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Prince Andrew's taste in friends.”

“Famously shady past.”

“Under tight control.”

'The Goldbergs' Quotes:

“What dumbass thing is this?”

“Ridiculously badass.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Homework despisers.”


“A concept he opposed bitterly.”

“Stayed away from her more than he needed.”

“Intimidated into silence.”

“Flight shame.”

“Strictness of this rectitude.”

“Unfairly blamed.”

“Without insisting on the truth of how I felt.”

“Contort in horror.”

“Hate emotions.”

“Unfairly resented others for how easy life seemed for them.”

“Accepted responsibility for my own chocies.”

“Considered suspicious.”

“Glaring shortcoming.”

“Bowel dysfunction.”


“Wasn't nice.”

“Support her progress through life.”

“Behavioural issues.”

“Treat with deference and caution.”

“A world I longed to enter.”

“Passed furtively.”

“Refusing viable help.”

“Not go well for me.”

“Treated aggressively.”

“Fed up and lost with a diminishing sense of purpose.”

“Perfectly groomed, perfectly behaved children playing beautifully on the perfectly clean parquet floors of the perfectly styled homes of the perfectly turned out mothers who are arranging some beautiful flowers by the light of a Jo Malone candle.”

“HP sauce-loving.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Much-needed protection.”

“Attacked for everything you do.”

“Committal proceedings.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Had his ear bitten off.”

“Wrecked his life.”

'Keepers Of The Flame' Quotes:

“Feel the pull of hardship.”

“All around him are in conspiracy to kill him.”

“Urge his destruction.”

“Wind and rain have free entry.”

'Deadpool' Quotes:

“Cock gobbler!”

“Slap the bitch out of you!”

“Zip it Sinead!”

“McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines are so confusing.”

“Who rooms with a bunch of other little whiners at the Neverland Mansion of some creepy old bald Heaven's Gate looking mother.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“I just don't like him.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Joel runs around in his underpants. Breda uses a bible as a weapon and smacks him one. Jack finds Louis' body in the pond. Just how many bodies have been found in the pond? Why hasn't it been filled in and turned into a parking lot? Breda's emotional response is to murder people. Joel now knows Breda is a nutter. Where is James? Mercedes shags Liam and doesn't care that Liam is bullying her son. Leela lurks. Mercedes severely overrates her importance.

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