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GLOW 3x08-3x10 Reviewed 🐈🐈🐈🙊🙉🙈🛏📴🥂🐔🐔🐲🐎🐡🐓🐥🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💔💔💔💔

Keep Ridin'

There is a montage about Ruth being sad. I do not care. Ruth's boring boyfriend lurks. Geena Davis bores. Bash is an idiot and likes BMXs. I don't care about Ruth's self determination or how she's unable to appreciate her boyfriend's love. Cherry owes $5000 to the casino – a dropped plot. Ruth has an outright refusal to be smart. Cherry has fierce pride. This season's lack of soul is wearying. Melrose bangs her gigolo.

Ruth desires Sam's favour. There is grim certainty that disorder will go on and that Ruth faces a worse future. Debbie rides a horse. Ruth has decision fatigue and an exhausting need to be admired. Ruth whines. There are women mud wrestling in their underwear. Ruth's emotionally subdued. Ruth is outrageously demanding.

Bash has a serious commitment to being annoying. Rhonda wears sexy underwear. Bash has long been devoid of morals. Ruth is fond of grand porclamations. Ruth gets an offer.

Best Lines:

“I like how you two spend money.”

“Named us after the Thundercats.”

“Haven't been up this early since the Carter administration.”

The Libertines

Debbie dates JJ aka Tex. Yolanda has cold blooded rage and mutual loathing with Artie. Bash roars at a man. There is far reaching ignorance. Ruth gets riled up. Rhonda wants to borrow the gigolo. There is a mention of 'Growing Pains'. Ruth does a terrible audition. This was not an epic narrative. Sam and Ruth make out. Ruth screams about adversity. This was dreary. Ruth is widely despised and rages obscenely. Ruth's lost to despair. SO?

Men in tiny speedos walk around. There is moral realativism. Debbie wears a top hat. The drag queen MCs. Ruth lets Shelia down. Shelia does a bizarre monologue. There are not impeccable morals. This was pretty dull and awful. Bash, the gigolo and Rhonda have a threesome. Geena Davis wears a showgirl outfit and shows how she can't sing. Yolanda is awful.

Best Lines:

“Whale semen.”

“Tough talking woman with a past.”

“Nice Christian girl who makes you see Jesus on a regular basis.”

“Goodbyes are for teenagers.”

A Very GLOW Christmas

Shelia has bleached blonde hair. So when she was cosplaying being a wolf she still bleached her hair? Ruth thinks she has had a bright future snatched away from her. Debbie feels undervalued by JJ/Tex. Season 3 has not been rapturously received. Bash is an ass. Paul the gigolo lurks. Sandy wears a glittery top. Yolanda annoys.

Carmen suggests a wrestling version of 'A Christmas Carol'. Debbie wears a big red dress. Bash has no moments of reflection and rants about his shameful secret. Carmen oozes positivty. Bash is emotionally distressed and self-aggrandising. There is no loyalty or integrity and no exalted vision.

Debbie expoits Bash to buy a tv network. This was not achievement stiving. Season 4 is not keenly awaited. I don't care about the depth of Bash's fears or Debbie's duplicitous ways. Bash has existential despair. There are grievances, rages and resentments. This was intentionally pessimistic. Ruth is stridently miserable. There is no heightened atmosphere. There is no hard edged realism or emotional urgency.

This was less compelling than seasons 1&2. Season 3 is without obvious purpose. Ruth is deeply unpleasant about her thwarted intent. Rhonda's plotline now rests on her extremely melancholy marriage. Ruth's odiousness grows. Cherry's husband is back with a suggestion. Artie is manipulated by her wretched ex Yolanda in a demonstration of dominance. Bash has huge hair. Carmen leaves. Debbie's bulemia is ignored as she will be doing 'POWW'.

Best Lines:

“I liked it so much!”

“She watched me like it.”

“Ramp safety protocol.”

“Drown in your own vomit.”

“Look at Liberace!”

“Questioning the morals of the buyer.”

“No one thinks I understand anything they're talking about.”

“Leg illness.”

“I don't want what you want.”

“I needed to get angry.”

“Ruin is probably putting it mildly.”

“Build us an eden.”

“Just say thank you.”

“Don't want you.”

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