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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Batwoman' trailer

Who TF is Alice?

'Sextuplets' trailer

A crass looking comedy.

Best Lines:

Stranger danger!”

“You shop at Whole Foods.”

“I sniffed way too much laptop cleaner.”

'Confess' promo


'Honest Trailers: Masters Of The Universe' (1987)

A man in S&M gear, no Battle Cat and this looks bad and like the ultimate mark of doom.

Best Line:

“Suck. Like real bad.”

'Casteel Saga' trailer

Lifetime are doing more VC Andrews. 5 movies. I only read one 'Casteel' book and didn't like it. This looks bad.

Picnic Bites – okay.

Gluten free naan bread – yum.

Who saw 'Brewster's Millions', 'Four Rooms' or 'The Addiction' (1995)?

I'd try a wild nettle drink and a raspberry & rose wine tart. I'd try white chocolate cupcakes and grilled rose icecream in milk chocolate.

My ex stopped showing up for me physically or emotionally. He didn't respect, choose or protect me. I tried never to be high-maintenance or needy or emotional around my ex. So he would know what a cool, chill person I am. He didn't deserve me. My ex broke my heart and my trust. My ex is intentionally unkind. I think he was a Charm Syndrome Man. I desperately want answers from my ex. He has had a profound effect on me. He caused intolerable indignities. He is a complete and utter failure as a person. He absolutely rejected me. I am not wanted.

Watched a 'Diagnosis From The New York Times' which was total nonsense and one patient was unreasonable and nonsensical.

'The Kennedys' Quote:

“Professional meaning in my life.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Made preperations for that.”

“Simply aren't tough enough.”

'The Kids Are Alright' Quote:

“Downtown fancy man.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Everything will be gnawed to the Bush.”

“Bird-scaring strategy involves an entire tool kit, including flares, kites, lasers, spinners and, as a last resort, shotguns.”

“Building camaraderie.”

“Disruptive attiude.”

“Unwavering support.”

“Tedious inconvenience to be endured.”

“Shared anxiety.”

“Serious implications.”

“Bizarre grandiosity.”

“Concerted campaign of misinformation.”

“Defend its dignity.”

“Heightended tensions.”

“Ominious terms.”

“Simmering tensions.”

“Aggressive encounters.”

“Maximum engine revolutions.”

“There's a mini kangaroo on the ramp outside the aircraft.”

“Hoped the language would replace English within a generation.”

“Sensationalise hermits.”

“The smoke of satan had entered.”

“Refuse to go along with modernism.”

“Old-fashioned impression.”

“Offical indifference.”

“The fashion in the European Union: when the people vote the wrong way from the way the elites want to go. It's to make the peasants vote again and again until they get it right.”

"Vomit into the recycling bins at 6am,”

“Only thing standing between them and despair.”

“Misey in their eyes.”

“Their entire self-worth depends on no one saying it out loud.”

“Leaning against Hennessy's office door while a member of the Criminal Assets Bureau tried to kick it down and Hennessy fed documents into the shredder,”

“People always said that it's all lies.”

“They're the ones who should be ashamed.”

“Unspoken griefs.”

“You want a potential he hasn't shown he's willing or capable of living up to. Waiting for him to live up to that potential is hurting you.”

“Too cosy with those it is supposed to be regulating.”

“Stated their opposition.”

“Shouted into development oblivion by social media fulminators.”

“Turn it into something other than what it probably was.”

“Exclusion became normalised.”

“In those who harbour such thoughts hatred will never cease.”

“Past is constructed from certain recurring images and tales.”

“That “pestilence” of the family who still draws too much attention.”

'Spider-Man' Quote:

“Gloat about his evil plans kind of bad guy.”

'The Queen's Lost Family' Quote:

“Family darling.”

'The Last Astronaut' Quotes:

“In a way that did not inspire confidence.”

“Is paranoia such an unreasonable response?”

“Star trackers.”


'BBC News' Quote:

“She'll be dealt with.”

'Foyle's War' Quotes:

“Tank traps.”

“He thought sheets were for dead people.”

“Save civilization!”

“The kind of paper he imagined you read.”

“A detail too many.”

“You're the reason it happened!”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Bad photo face.”

“Unbelievably angry.”

“Frowning miserably.”

“Glaring furiously.”

“Universally terrible.”

“Quit the party he'd been expected to lead.”

“Blundering force.”

“Poor political judgment.”

“Controlled by sinister aides.”

“Printed words were distrusted.”

“Tests of my affection.”

“Wounded petulance.”

“Cultural desercration.”

“Controlled every aspect of all their lives for decades.”

“With other men, whose power they recognised.”

“Tests of love that you are bound to fail.”

“Outrage that any other man should touch his possession.”

“Considered persons of extremely low morals.”


“Maligned culturally.”

“Tried to drive a hotel golf buggy down the M4.”

'Inspector Morse' Quotes:

“Shove off I don't know you!”

“A monstrous affront.”

“Am I supposed to be impressed?”

'RT' Quotes:

“Social movement.”

“Stark and disturbing contrast to the public persona he attempts to portray.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Refusing to conform to the sexual mores of the time.”

“Fabulously provocative.”

“Illusions about winning.”

“Harshly informed.”

“Famously difficult.”

“Does not relish being asked questions.”

“Commitment levels.”

“Life chains.”

“Social acceptance.”

“Homicidal consequences.”

“Bottomless appetite for contention.”

“Delirious parody.”

“Utopian possibility.”

“Dominant status quo.”

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