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Black Spot 2x04+And The Sea Will Tell Part 3 +GLOW 3x06&3x07+Nightflyers (2018) 1x01+FBI 1x03+1 more

Moon Struck

A bizarre murder happened 8 years ago. The prosecutor talks way too much and screams and yells and tantrums. There are simmering tensions. The murderer from 8 years ago gets out and bothers people. This was tepid. People have absolute unwillingness to listen. There is dangerous behaviour. This was ludicrous and not innovative. There are catastrophic miscalculations. There is a lack of restraint and the daughter brats. This was borderline infuriating and the guinea pig is seen. What is a dead water lake? Imperfect decisions are made and there is malevolent threat and graver complications. There is a heinous crime and plots.

Best Lines:

“Bad things going on.”

“Proof of what? A horned god walking through the forest?”

“Do you listen when I'm talking?”

“I only exist when you need me.”

“Stories become true when people believe them.”

And The Sea Will Tell (1991) Part 3

The accused woman has to testify about the horrifying tragedy and yet more of her lies come out. Things go awry and she does not help herself. The prosecution lists all the stuff her murderous boyfriend would have had to do alone without her noticing and it is a big list. The jury are deadlocked. This was not good.

Best Lines:


“Greed inspired murder.”

“I swear by all that I hold dear.”

“She was mixed up with 2 murderers in 2 years!”

Outward Bound

Where is the glitter hairspray and pink trousers? The GLOW gang go camping. Jenny is angry. Tamme is benched and thinks she can be a manager. Shelia sees a wolf. Rhonda gets offended when Bash is mocked. Melrose shows depth. Jenny talks about the Killing Fields. This was good. Shelia burns her wolf cosplay.

Best Lines:

“Existential epiphany.”

“Good will on reserve.”

“Pace around the ring and cause trouble.”

“I can do Don King!”

“Someone has to keep her safe.”

“Definitely more than a random piling of rocks!”

“Bitchy to Linda Evans in a jewellery store on 'Dynasty'.”

“Rendered meaningless.”

“Won't live in a house without a basement or attic.”

Hollywood Homecoming

Sam drives Justine to LA. Rhonda wears a sequinned crop top with pigs on it. Bash's mother shows up to be withering. Debbie's son visits and cries. Justine sells her script. Sam keels over on the street. Bash gets 40 million dollars. Debbue romances JJ. Justine whines.

Best Lines:

“You're sweating. Like a lot.”

“Your one opportunity to be great!”

“Sit down. You're embarassing yourself. We're not on 'Falcon Crest'!”

“Don't want it too much.”

“Hobo card.”

“Keep him interested.”

“Cease my responsibilites.”

“Alone with a bunch of people.”

“Not medicore.”

“Told me to be scared of you.”

All That We Left Behind

No wonder this was cancelled and the terrible movie was better. There is a damaged spaceship and mutual contempt and gurning and blood. Angus Sampson, Brian F. O'Byrne, Gretchen Mol and Zoe Tapper star. This was based on a George RR Martin novella which I've never read.

There is talk of sickness and danger to human dignity. There is mumbling. People are on a mission to save Earth. There is an ununderstanding wife. Appalling and despicable horrors await. There is talk of aliens. There is a holodeck and flashforwards and flashbacks and it is 2093. The characters are utterly useless.

A dangerous psycho telepath is brought on board. He is supposed to be under suppression and is kept in a box. People treat telepaths as things and a threat like they are the t-rex from 'Jurassic Park'. Future prospects will be lost. There is no character or decency. There is talk of first contact and people are vacillating and weak and take no decisive action.

The telepath is a jackass and bitter divisions will emerge. The captian never leaves his privare deck. What's an L1? People are utterly unprepared. There is no dramatic action or emotional help. A tense situation is exacerbated. There is lack of direct action. People move cautiously and there is emotionalism.

People are imperiled. Things go awry. The annoying telepath deserves opprobrium. People act in completely wrong, reckless and irresponsible ways. The telepath's 'independence of spirit' is recklessness. This was not thrillingly visceral. This was not disconcerting and causes frustration and exasperation. There are ominious drawings.

The doomed blonde is fearlessly perky. This was not monstrously successful. There are no unexamined assumptions and no terrifying sense of confinement and no profound yearning for escape. A woman is genetically designed for space travel. The hermetically sealed space contains parodic archetypes. There is a sense of nihilism and an uneasy tone. This was a squalid mess that makes ill use of actors. There is no uncertainty or weirdness. This was in dubious taste.

This was all infuriatingly meandering. The journey to inevitable catastrophe is lacking in momentum. The telepath is a jackass. This was not a cultural fulcrum. There is galloping self-regarding despair. This was not a diverting indulgence. The guy's daughter is dead? There is no existential sadness. The blonde is dumb. The telepath keeps attacking people. Why does nobody just shoot him? Stop letting him away with it.

This was ill advised, ineffective, chaotic and crisis prone. The crew is patently unprepared. There are serial humilations. The telepath is on the loose and this was not extremely tense just full of strategic mistakes.

Best Lines:

“Out in the void.”

“Locked inside that mountain.”

“Our planet is dying!”

“We are the disease.”

“Suspend his brain function.”


A trafficking victim escapes. This was needlessly awful. I'm done giving this show a chance.

The Handmaid's Tale 3x12


June pulls faces and plots. Did Serena Joy get Fred arrested? Luke and Moira visit Fred. WHY? Moira whines. Oh go away. June kills her Commander's wife and gets away with it. OGTFO! We see the Wife buried with June, the Marths and Wives with black veils/bonnets. Even the wife's coffin is TEAL! Why is June still in Lawrence's home with his Wife dead?!? June the bug eyed inbred goblin sneers. Oh screw this show.

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