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Book Reviews: The UFO Files + Daisy Jones & The Six 🥩🥩🥩🍜🍜🍜🍫☕🍽🍽🐈🐈🐈📕📕📕📕📕

The UFO Files edited by Martin H. Greenberg

This is a mediocre DAW antholgy from 1998. Sadly DAW's anthologies seem to have ended with the death of Greenberg.


Ed Gorman rants crazily. Why were aliens such a big deal in the 90s?

Ordinary Aliens

I'm amazed they actually published this 'funny' story that ends on an amazingly racist 'joke'.

The Observer

By Robert Charles Wilson. This was not ingenious. An alien abductee talks to Hubble. I don't care about her cloud of uncertainty.

Best Lines:

“Obstinate, stony disbelief, his dutiful mustering of a sympathy he clearly didn't feel.”

“This aloof god would not appreciate my worship.”

“If I opened the big front door, what might be outside?”


“A world 1953 might not recognize.”

Diplomatic Exchange

A balloonist encounters gremlins and learns secrets erased from existence and how he is morally compromised.

Best Lines:

“Cryptic Events Evaluation Section.”


Secret Service

By Edward Lee. A Secret Service agent guards an Alzheimer's stricken former POTUS and learns dark secrets. This was creepy but undercut by Lee's trademark casual sexism.

Best Lines:

“After a week, she's stopped being appalled.”


“Star-net codes.”


By Nina Kiriki Hoffman. This was horrible. It's a 'chilling insight' into the mindset of a teen who plays a troubling role and does strange things.

Best Line:

“Very sad taste in clothes-”

Emma Baxter's Boy

By Ed Gorman. There is casual racism and sexism in this tale of a couple's alien child. No.

Chasing The Mist

There is exposition, people refuse their fate and idiots are the root cause of their own demise. This was a stupid and not spectacularly dramatic tale of constructed mystique.

Best Lines:

“Hot contact site.”

“Doomed losers.”

Amid The Walking Wounded

I have no idea what this was about.

Outside Looking In

Again, I have no idea what this was about.

The End Of Winter

No general unease or hungry desperation, just a female character written by a man who doesn't understand women.


A lonely weirdo gets an alien visitation. I don't care about the social freezing out or perceived slights or alien creatures. This was not evocative.

Bug-Eyed Methodists

This was terrible.

Some Burial Place, Vast And Dry

This was incoherent and written by someone sincerely deluded.

Daddy Dearest

This was not profound social comment. It was truly terrible.

Renewing The Option

By Elizabeth Engstrom. This was glum humourlessness that is not emotionally involving or ever captivating.

The One That Got Away

Cringe worthy.

The Man With X-Ray Eyes

A serial killer kills aliens. This was okay.

Closed: Due To Curiosity

A rip off of 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'. There were no emotional moments and this was not oddly affecting.

Here's Looking At UFO, Kid

Not life affirming.

Love Lies Bleeding

This was mediocre and it's set after an alien invasion.

Best Lines:

“Dominated by the terror of reprisal.”

“Allowed him the time and gave him the incentive to plot.

Scientific Romance

H.G. Wells is inspired to write in this okay tale.

Best Line:

“Perhaps even now the Martians are regarding this Earth with envious eyes. They might even be drawing up plans for invasion.”

The S-Files


The Kindness Of Strangers

WTF was this?

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This much hyped novel is an 'oral history' of an iconic 1970s rock band. It tells the tale of Daisy the manic pixie dreamgirl junkie, the band's formation, its career defining rise and implosion one night that sent the group on a deviating paths. This was good even if it is full of familiar tropes. Daisy has a false sense of immortality and demands gratitude and creates problems for herself.

Best Lines:

“Spends her childhood rather alone.”

“Like the cool girls had on.”

“Feel no debt,”

“Just so desperate to hold someone's interest.”

“Thinking about his words.”

“To believe the universe conspires for and against you.”

“Pete puked into a tuba.”

“Feeling his judgment.”

“When you find yourself high on the roof of a hotel with a husband who doesn't outright say that the two of you shouldn't jump off, you start to realise you have a lot of problems.”

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