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GLOW 3x01-3x03 + The Family (2019) 1x01-1x04 + FBI 1x02 + STDS9 7x05 Reviewed 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡

Up, Up, Up

They're in Las Vegas for this inferior season. Challenger blows up. Kate Nash gurns. People are stricken and fraught, emotionally and ethically. People are angst ridden and Geena Davis shows up as a casino owner. This was not thoughtful or complex.

Davis wears hideous clothes. Debbie has big hair. Sam does masculine performativity. There is no sense of purpose. The hotel has a hot car valet named Chad. A dude in hot pants lurks. Bash annoys incessantly. There is calculated discomfort.

Ruth goes on about a shared emotional experirence. A huge 80s wedding veil and an Elvis style jumpsuit are seen. Showgirls prance. There are intoned remarks and gambling. The car valet is hot. Bash doesn't know what trifle is. The grim occurance of Challenger overshadows. Debbie is denied credit where it is due. We see Debbie's unfiltered ambition and how self-defeating it can be. This was a gentle disappointment.

Sam wears a grotty jumper. Fortune Cookie wears a giant fortune cookie. There is hideous 80s clothes and interior design. Debbie wears a dress that makes her look like a Barbie.

Best Lines:

“A shuttle fell out of the sky on our opening night.”

“Cue the Red Scare!”

“Too soon.”

“I made fun of a national tragedy on live tv.”

“Post-tragedy coverage.”

“45 minutes of people taking off their coats.”

“Exit, pursued by a bear.”

“No but I thought about it for a few seconds.”

“Like sitting was going to do something.”

“Made fun of national heroes as they plunged to their deaths.”

“Sinkhole of despair.”

Hot Tub Club

Debbie has broodiness and I really hate her. Bash gets some. There is lots of sex. Cherry wants a baby. Ruth's flattery of Sam seems to intensify the less it is rewarded. Melrose is detrimental. It's a day off. Kate Nash wears a very nice white fur hat and red leather gloves. Hot valet Chad shows up again. Bash's licence plate is Bashful.

Ruth has obvious desperation. Bash is an undesirable ass. This was faintly desperate. Kate Nash's Rhonda must be desperate to stay with Bash. Carmen whines. There are mobsters. There is an ugly new haircut. Were abs of steel a thing in 1986?

Best Lines:

“Steak bully.”

“Time vortex.”

“Both of my best friends abandoned me.”

“Hookers and blackjack and cocaine.”

“I learned exactly what you like and how to do it.”

“You get mean!”

“All splayed out like that.”

“Emotionally quarantined.”

Desert Pollen

There was nothing compelling or inspiring in this. Cherry wants the girls to get fit. I'm totally disinterested in this season. People are inevitably hostile and or sleazy. Showgirls are anxiety triggering. This was insufferably earnest and ludicrous. There is a dance class and this was complete nonsence.

There is tennis and a mention of a young Andre Agassi. Bash has no concept of SPF. People do acting class. There are no ethical conundrums. This was sluggish and superfluous frippery. This was turgid. Melrose is mistaken for a ho or so she thinks. The dude is a ho and he has a pimp and he wants his $200 dollars. Cherry changes her mind about the baby prompting a massive fight.

Best Lines:

“Spreading mayonnaise on a block of cheddar cheese.”

“Dressed as John McEnroe's grandfather.”

“I just threw up in the parking lot.”

“Teach us how to walk down stairs with our tits out.”


This docudrama has creepy opening credits as people go on about a place called Ivanwald and a creepy invisible organisation. Female members are told to serve. Religion is used and absolute loyalty is wanted. This is how Gilead got started. This was good, disturbing and unrelentingly grim.

Best Lines:

“Doubt is just a prelude to joy.”

“National prayer breakfast.”

“Frat house for Jesus.”

“He's god's man.”

“Demonic influences.”

“Frat house for God.”

“Didn't endear themselves.”

“The future king is coming.”


Jimmy Carter talks. There is talk about a man named Douglas Coe and something called C Street. This was self-parodying pomposity. This was self-evidently meaningless and painfully stupid.

Best Line:

“God ordained economic order.”

New World Order

There are prayer breakfast and Russians. This was pointless absurdity that is impossibly humourless. People have weird staring eyes and this had no remarkable potency. This was not engaging or insightful. There is a long stance of victimhood and long held misgivings. There is blame culture and external scrutiny and a culture of impunity. All the promise of 1x01 is gone.

Best Lines:

“Agents of enemy.”

“Doing satanic work.”

“Bad faith actors.”

Dictators, Murderers And Thieves

There are shattered ideals and vile rants. I do not care.

Best Lines:

“Access to nearly every government on Earth.”

“Men of shame.”

“Diminished himself greatly.”

Green Birds

People SHOUT all their lines. The FBI are horrible. This was not a cultural contribution. This show is past hope. This was a wretched disappointment.


Bashir is lonely. The gang of GM nutters return and are made to stay in the cargo bay not actual quarters. Bashir does a procedure on a catatonic GM woman to make her 'normal'. Naturally in the novels Bashir and GM woman became a couple and then very very bad things happened to them. The GM loonies start a random sing off for no good reason. The GM gang are shunned and ignored and not invited to things. Bashir decides the GM woman is better than her GM brethern. Then things go awry. FFS.

Best Line:

“Asking too many stupid questions.”

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