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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Family' (2019) promo

“It's Jesus.”

“Ready horrible people.”

'Hollywood Wives' (1984) intro

This song rocks. Anthony Hopkins was in this!

'Sucession' season 2 promo


Goats milk feta with red peppercorns – yum.

Spicey turkey meatzzas – yum.

Linden honey – deep and rich.

Cherry 7UP – okay.

Vanilla coke – okay.

Physalis – okay.

Chilli and mint choc – HOT!

I still don't know how my ex came to be gone from my life. I thought my ex was perfect, loving and supportive not deliberate, sadistic and cruel. I thought I received love, security and stabilility from my ex but it was all conditional approval and affection. Who did my ex choose over me? I thought my ex was incredibly supportive. My ex was not worth my affections.

I want to try a frozen coke.

I won't read 'The Perfect Wife', 'Three Women', 'Never Have I Ever', 'The Poison Garden' or 'Someone We Know'.

I'll read 'The Turn Of The Key' and 'Perfect Liars'.

Who saw 'Bhaji On The Beach', 'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls', 'Double Impact, 'Runaway Bride', 'Woodstock' or 'Brass'?

What's charcoal aioli or lemon pizza or horseradish butter?

Portable, rechargeable bidets are a thing?

I want a silk slipdress and a high neck colour block jumper.

'The Hunt' has been delayed. Oh come on!

'BBC News' Quote:

“All a disputed state.”

'Evil Twins' Quotes:

“Wrestling camp.”

“Partying with the wrong crowd.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Exploit others to have their needs and desires met.”

“Brink of total eonomic chaos.”

“The possibility of consequences arising.”

“Derogatory characterisation.”

“Blank refusal to comply with legitimate demands.”

“Could not have done what he did, alone.”

“Loyal companions.”

“Idolising, devaluing and discarding; building up your trust and intimacy and dependency to create an intense and intoxicating dynamic, only to suddenly withdraw.”

“This emotional withdrawal and manipulation can come out of nowhere.”

“Unconsciously replicate dynamics we learned early in life. Not because they are healthy, but because they are familiar, and because they are the only language of love and intimacy and connection that we are fluent in-”

“For years little changed. And then, with astonishing speed, it changed completely.”

“Raising messy families in people's attics...”

“Time-warped derelicts mouldering away in crumbling mansions.”

“Refusing to play any part in neighbourhood life.”

“Future if he gets to see it.”

“A once-lauded writer who has fallen into obscurity.”

“No longer entitled to his own reputation, but indebted to scholars who provide it for him.”

'Foyle's War' Quotes:

“Ideas above his station.”

“Simply ghastly.”

“Are you defying me?”


“Local joke.”

'Perfect Liars' Quotes:

“How weird it was to be afraid of her friend.”

“Stabby levels of angry.”

“Perhaps that was why he was so polite to her parents. It was good practice for talking to other people who he looked down on.”

“Everyone's least favourite friend.”

“There on someone else's goodwill, and if she gave them cause to think she wasn't grateful, they might take it away.”

'The Cabin In The Woods' Quotes:

“Zombified painworshipping backwoods hicks.”

“The Scarecrow Folk.”

“Dismemberment Goblins.”


“We work with what we have.”

'The Kennedys' Quote:

“Finally he appreciates it.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Cultural silence.”

“Absolute horror.”

“If anyone in RTE management could still feel shame.”

“Still do not want to be in touch with him,”


“Emotional facism.”

“Absence of love.”

“Could not have their narrative challenged.”

“Confronting authority.”

“Deficient morally.”

“Moral deception.”

“Truthful poignancy.”

“Paranoid insanity.”

“Particularly ghastly.”

“Just seen a dead rat bob by.”

“An explosion on the boat – now known as the Doomsday Ship – would create a tsunami 13ft high.”

“Theological rancour.”

“Unsparing detail.”

“Render their inferiority manifest.”

“Cultural inheiritance.”

“Faux rebels.”

“Arrival in a town where things are clearly wrong.”

“Avoiding clubs with that sort of comedy.”

“Macho presence.”

“Ludicrous expectations.”

“Woe, woe and thrice woe!”

“Forgotten baby syndrome.”

“Gazing enigmatically at the scenery.”

“Birth stikers.”

“Unworthy of its own future.”

“Toxic contents.”

“No right to opinions.”

“Fear of confronting him, and of the consequences that might result."

“Guided more by the abuser's intenral state than by her own emotions or judgment.”

“Grim situation.”

“Unfathomable madness.”

“Live an isolated life, even in your own home.”

'The Man From UNCLE' Quote:

“Go little man, go.”

'Creedon's Atlas Of Ireland' Quote:

“Walked this land before us.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“Medical exiles.”

“Failed to give coherent answers to some of the quesitons put to him.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Go the job store.”

“Always yelling and arguing with the neighbours.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Ste didn't care about Hannah when Sinead did a runner with her. Now he cares? What happend to Liberty marrying Sami? Nancy sticks her nose in. Ste screams his mates are not fugs (he means thugs) and that he is a good dad. Sense is not remotely perceivable. Ste ignores his mates fear stoking sinister ideolgies. Ste has a chaotic life and asks his mates to stage an attack on the Maaliks. Where are social services? Ste wreaks havoc with his braggadocio. Leah says Ste has changed. No he hasn't. He's always been like this and chasing his dark obsession.

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