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Movie Reviews: Her Stolen Past+Fatal Error+Stratton+Everly+I Am Elizabeth Smart 🎐🎐🎄🍟🧀🥙🥔🦃

Her Stolen Past (2018)

This was full of disastrous decisions and unbelivably nasty people.

Fatal Error (1999)

Anne Heche, Eric Roberts and Kathleen York star in this unnecessary film.

Stratton (2017)

Dominic Cooper, Gemma Chan, Tyler Hoechlin, Tom Felton and Derek Jacobi star in this tale of an SBS commando and baddies. This was absurdly ridiclious.

Best Lines:

“That would suck.”


“Show up and see what happens.”

Everly (2014)

A violent POS.

I Am Elizabeth Smart (2017)

A true story tv movie about the aduction of the 14 year old by a crazy man (Skeet Ulrich) in 2002. The crazy man has an equally crazy wife. This was bleak and good.

Best Lines:

“Delighted in my abuse.”

“You had to push your mother down those stairs!”

“They are not your family anymore!”

“Shoplifts for God?”

"God is hope."

"You demonic shrew!"

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