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STDS9 7x03&7x04 + FBI (2018 - ?) 1x01 + The Handmaid's Tale 3x11 Reviewed 🦆📕📕📕🍾🍾🌩🌞🦉🦑


TinkerTrill gets too much screentime. She and Vic took over season 7. Why is Ezri Dax on DS9? I don't care about her fraught realtionship with the crew. Ezri Dax acts like a teenager. Jadzia loved bloodwine. Ezri is a counsellor yet in the novels became a ship's captain. Yeah, right. She's perennially upbeat and not always capable of expressing herself sensibly.

Worf's intractable about not wanting Ezri around. Sisko has known Dax as Curzon, Jadzia and Ezri. Garak yells and groans. This strains the limits of logic. Ezri is an assistant counsellor in training yet is told to examine Garak's head.

Worf snubs Ezri and is filled with rage and is acrimonious. Ezri is rude to Bashir and spills Jadzia's secrets. Ezri has a prevelant negative attiude. Worf manhandles Bashir. Ezri's presence has negative effects. This was nonsense and full of gross improbabilities. There are no subtle nuances just fake crying and Sisko pulling strings for Ezri.

The unrelenting, violent, destructive conflict of the Dominion War is not featured. Ridicule is heaped on Ezri. Garak screams. There is no intensity. Why does Ezri wish to be on DS9 instead of the USS Destiny? This was incompetence.

Best Lines:

“Too many memories here.”

“I do not know you. Nor do I wish to know you.”

Take Me Out To The Holosuite

Sisko challenges a bigoted anti-human Vulcan crew to a baseball game. The UFP theme anthem plays. The game is won, sorta. This was entirely terrible.

Best Line:



A bomb blows up a building. FBI agents are useless and people die because of them. Hey Ruby Ridge and Waco. FBI agents act like jackbooted fascists. There is SJW crap. This was full of delusional morons. This was crap.

Best Line:

“Screw your warrant!”


There is more Mrs Lawrence drama. DIE June DIE. June learns you just can't phone anyone now. June is promised a kind Commander. Lawrence talks about new territories. Lawrence raided museums. Fred's arrested. No, just no. June the wonder Handmaid kills a Commander with a pen. Oh piss off!

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