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Archie v Predator II Issue 1 + Sabrina The Teenage Witch Issue 4 Reviewed 🐈🐈🐈🍯🚗🚂⚡🌬☔💧⚡

The Darkness At The End Of The Lane

This is a thing? Archie is a predator? What is memory lane? They're in an alternate timeline? A predator thing pees on Pathfinder on Mars. They run into alternate versions of themselves. A predator seems to be wearing a massive codpiece. This was okay even if I've no real idea what is going on.

Best Lines:

“This is Riverdale, Betty. We have aliens and a girl who can smell money and one time, we summoned the devil.”

“He's going to put that assault rifle back where he found it.”

“How dare you interrupt my self-pity with your disgusting optimism.”

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Issue 4

An overheard spell, an aggressive teacher, Sabrina's 2 love interests yell and the aunts seem to be missing. So Sabrina casts a big spell to Salem's shock. This was goodish.

Best Line:

“This town went full mental like, overnight.”

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