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Movie Reviews: There Was A Little Boy+Doomwatch+Courage Mountain+The Wrong Woman+ 2 more

There Was A Little Boy (1993)

This terrible tv movie sees Cybill Shepherd and John Heard make the reasonable assumption that a 'ghetto' teen in a headband is their stolen baby all grown up. The teen is an angry violent thug who intimidates his pregnant birth mother. This deserves cultural oblivion.

Doomwatch (1972)

Inspired by the forgotten tv show, this sees weirdness on a remote island. There are hormones causing issues and this was not brilliantly silly. This was completely unmemorable. There is a Castle Rock mention. There are distinctly quesitonable attiudes and this was grossly inadequate.

Best Lines:

“Dumping what?”

“Centuries of inbreeding.”

Courage Mountain (1990)

Charlie Sheen and Leslie Caron prance in this take on 'Heidi' in which Heidi is all grown up, WW1 looms and Peter The Goat Boy is played by Sheen. No comment.

The Wrong Woman (2013)

A woman is wrongly accused of attempted murder. Danica McKellar, Fred Dryer, Robert David Hall, Dina Meyer and Claudia Christian star. Her sleazy husband ditches her and the 1995 tv movie with the same name was better. This was infernally annoying and staggeringly awful.

Best Line:

“I can't believe you're not standing by my side!”

Eyes Of Laura Mars (1978)

Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones stars. A photographer has visions of murder. This is full of hideous 1970s grossness. There is wild overacting and OTT music.

Dallas: JR Returns (1996)

Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy star in this tv movie which was undone by the events of the reboot tv show. Linda Gray and Omri Katz and George Kennedy also feature as do Audrey Landers and Tracy Scoggins. An ill wind blows JR back into town. Lines are shouted. The kid from 'Dream On' plays Bobby's son in this version of the character. JR fakes his death. This was laughably melodramatic. JR has a woman locked up in a loony bin and gaslights and abuses women. This was subpar 'Melrose Place' soap.

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