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Book Reviews: The Undertaker's Gift + Consequences

Torchwood: The Undertaker’s Gift by Trevor Baxendale

This is an iffy book. The first half is good but the second half is brought down by a reset button ending, the fact that the climax happens off screen and the fact it seems like whole chunks of plot are missing.

Set before ‘Children of Earth’, time travelling lawyers send an assassin after Jack, Gwen runs from scary things and Ianto gets chewed on. It starts out as an okay read but falls apart half way.

Torchwood: Consequences by James Moran, Joseph Lidster, Andrew Cartmel, Sarah Pinborough and David Llewellyn

This is very good collection of short stories set at various times in Torchwood’s history. None are set post ‘Children of Earth’ for obvious reasons.

The Baby Farmers
In the very earliest days of Torchwood, the team take on an unholy experiment and Jack shows his cold streak. This is okay.

Set between seasons 1 and 2. An alien artefact gives a young boy the better life he’s always wanted. Then Torchwood takes the artefact away from him. This is dark and bleak.

The Wrong Hands
Mysterious deaths on a sink estate lead the post season 2 team to the most unlikely source of evil. This is good.

The team deals with the immediate fallout from the previous story and Ianto impersonates The Punisher. This is okay.

Time paradox, stories and bizarre goings on. This is weak.
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