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Movie Reviews: Nightcrawler + Patient Seventeen + Berlin Syndrome + Perfect High 🐈🐈🐈💔💔💔❤

Nightcrawler (2014)

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a socially dysfunctional weirdo in this unwatchable film. This was incomphensibly dull. People overlook all Jake's suspicious aspects. Jake riles and Bill Paxton features as does Rene Russo. This was inefficient.

Best Line:

“Walk away or get arrested.”

Patient Seventeen (2017)

This was claptrap that may or may not be a student film and or a hoaz. A 'doctor' removes 'offworld implant technology' from people. This was plausibility stretching and full of nutters. This was appalling, atrocious and has clear failings. What was in a man's leg? Was it a fabricated thing? This was plain old ghastly and has an 'expert' who uses school textbooks in his 'lab' aka man shed. This just ends and was full of profound delusions and was truly incompetent.

Best Lines:

“I don't trust anybody in today's world.”

“Stud finder.”

“Flesh suit of a living man.”

“If it is true, the implications are even worse.”

“Alien internet.”

“Turn the mental control up.”

“This is still interesting to you?”

Berlin Syndrome (2017)

This was pretentious arthouse silliness. This hokum was daft and tedious and beyond pardoy. An Aussie woman has a holiday romance with a German man. Big mistake. Huge. His flat becomes the prison she never leaves. He won't let her leave. This was not truly disturbing or purposefully provovative. His window glass is unbreakable and her life has taken a hellish turn. There is violent abusive sex and people are unremittingly unlikeable.

There are deluded ideas and this was frustrating. Her leg and bikini waxes hold up for a long long time. He takes porno photos of her and she sleeps on a plastic sheet. Nobody notices her bloody and screaming? This was long and arduous. He is a teacher and creeps over a student. The master/slave violent relationship goes on and on and on.

Her has her pose in 'sexy' underwear which has the price tag left on. This was nonsensical. A puppy shows up, no just no. He does ominious things with an axe and a car boot. He's a needy brat and she's mentioned as missing in the paper. There is smarminess and grabby ways. Does nobody call the police? How long has his disturbing pattern of aggressive behaviour gone on?

Perfect High (2015)

Bella Thorne plays a teen who does drugs. This was okay.

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