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Book Reviews: The Fear Street Saga + Kin 🙄😣🙄😣🙄😣😮😮😮😩😩😩😨😨😧😧😦😦😧😧

The Fear Street Saga by R.L. Stine

This makes up 3 books: The Betrayal/The Secret/The Burning. This is the story of where the 'terror' began. This was crap.


This 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre', 'Deliverance' and 'Wrong Turn' knockoff starts out well with the terribly injured Claire escaping a backwoods cannibal hillbilly clan. But the devastating impact of the cannibals toxic theology and locals who seek to avoid acknowledgemt of the fact that the cannibals exist ends in disaster.

There are deeply frustrating developments. Sense is blatantly ignored. People hold fast to secrets, fail to fully accept responsibility and there is no ominious feeling. The abuse beyond imagining is gratutious and the fact that the existence of murderous cannibals is not discussed in public is ridiclious.

Claire's greatest trauma in life is ignored. Oddly she does not die of sepsis. People run into hazardous circumstances and toward cannibals manically busy doing shocking things. There are creepy sexual plolitics and bizarre rants about 9/11. An annoying kid has a high nuisance factor. There is a ridiclious cover up and talk of revenge and retribution and this was not searing.

This was exceptionally poor and was vastly inferior to the movies it rips off. Idiots choose the worst possible option. The sense of disappointment with this was high. Nobody in this book is non-credulous. This is not beguiling and this causes prolonged offence.

Best Lines:

“It would be their father's will, and that will was as good as God's own.”

“Town lunatic.”

“You git your ass back down in that bed.”

“Sounds very different from those she'd grown accustomed to ignoring-”

“Mom needs you.”

“Mom needs to stay off the Vicodin.”

“Nobody's favourite.”

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