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The Handmaid's Tale 3x10 + Absentia 1x07-1x10 + STDS9 6x26 Reviewed 🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩

Bear Witness

There is more over-dramatic music and June scowling. FFS. There is no medication and no help for Mrs Lawrence. No one likes June who runs her mouth. Fred lurks. The Lawrence household has brought the wrong kind of attention to themselves.

One feels utter loathing for June and her cold malevolence and for Fred and his practiced callousness. It is mentioned that the Ceremony was forced in the first months of Gilead. Mrs Lawrence has drama. June is no strong moralist.

The ceremony is held in the Lawrence household. Mrs Lawrence has hysterics. This was not emotionally unstinting. Lawrence helped build Gilead and his creation has now made him into an object of judgement. None of Lawrence's previous handmaids reported him or were true believers?

Fred is mean looking. Gilead has a culture of fear and secrecy. One has to signal certain attiudes and views. Fred is a complete obsessive about June. There are suspicions of Lawrence's motives. A pervading sense of ick pervades. People are ill at ease. Fred and the new commander are over familiar and want to submit nature to their whims. June mouths off and gets away with it.

This was not historically important. There is grim acceptance. Lawrence has contraception in his house? Why would it even be made in a world in fertility crisis? June stares at fish and Fred looks like he needs a good scrub. Why doesn't Fred have a new handmaid? Serena Joy shows Fred the sat phone. June plans her latest idiot plan. What'll they do with all the muffins?

Best Lines:

“Scones mean no.”

“She throws things now.”

“Fostered violent rebellion.”

“Unfit to lead his household.”

“Report deviancy.”

“Muffins mean yes.”

“It came for you.”

“The stolen children of Gilead.”

“See fit to bring about his blessed miracle.”

“At least it wasn't you.”

“The punishment for contraception is being torn apart by dogs.”


I read a season 2 spoiler: oh I KNEW BITCH Alice was trash. Where did the make up on Emily go? Jack is a dirty dirty creep. There is no wave of concern for Emily. There are serious ethical abuses by Emily who has traumatic stress. Jack's challenging tone bugs. Nick attacks a child. Flynn's sick of Nick. Aren't we all.

BITCH Alice and Nick and their judgmental tutting make my pateience snap. BITCH Alice makes me utterly furious. Why is Nick fawning over the BITCH? Why did he wake up and stop loving Emily? This is not an uneasy watch. The goob cop, Tommy, looks like a junkie. Jack was Ivy League? Oh ha ha ha ha ha. Nick is anti Emily. Nick's such a fool. Emily walks off a gunshot.

Best Lines:

“The whole world thinks you're a serial killer.”

“His dungeon porn collection.”

Brave Boy

BITCH Alice goes for an Oscar pretending to be scared and in peril. Nick's a tool. There is no sanctuary space for Emily. Nick doesn't consider Emily family. FFS. What is wrong with him??! BITCH Alice and Flynn have been 'abducted'. Yeah right. BITCH Alice is in on it. STOP LYING BITCH ALICE! Jack takes up space and is attacked by Nick.

Best Line:

“You hurt her.”

Child's Play

This was comically glum. Nick and his vicious assumptions bores. This got 2 more seasons. HOW? There are no profound insights. Nick branded his wife a danger to society. The plot is indifferent and there is moral pathology.

Best Line:


Original Sin

This was largely forgettable and full of exposition. The killer is revealed and is ridiclious. Nick attacks Emily, he's so STUPID. There are greater extremes of silliness. I HATE BITCH Alice. This was dreary soul sapping and full of dullard cliches. Nick's seething anger has seen him devoured by hatred of his wife.

There is laboured dialogue. Emily is cleared and desperately unlucky. Nick's fake apology does not make up for the torrent of vitriol and screechy histrionics and deriding of his wife in favour of the coldly calculating WHORE BITCH Alice and her undisgusied malevolence and glee.

TPTB have Emily big up the BITCH SLUT Alice. FFS. This is relentlessly glum and never served any useful purpose beyond being full of attention seeking inanities. There is a miserable endgame and this was ridiculous and horrrible. BITCH Alice never apolgised for her meddling and insidious jealously.

This show was an extremely unpleasant experience. Tommy hits on Emily. This show was flippant and designed to impress idiots. BITCH Alice cast aspersions and lied on Emily. I feel visceral hated for her and this show. Happily ever after never comes for Emily. Emily wears heels and a busted dishwasher gives her a memory. No thanks.

Tears Of The Prophets

Sisko gets the Christopher Pike medal of valour. Ross urges an attack. The Romulans are now in the Dominion war. Dax and Worf plan a baby. Dukat prances around Cardassia. Damar bellows. The 1960s holgram programme is popular for bizarre reasons. TPTB never considered the problematic aspects of it. Kira and Odo hook up. FFS. There are ethical repercussions. Weyoun is an idiot. Dulat kills Jadzia for the crime of wanting a raise. Sisko leaves. This was medicore.

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