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Movie Review: Tormented

Tormented (2009)

This British horror film is set in a posh school where the in crowd have just bullied fellow student Darren Mullet to suicide. Nobody noticed or cared about Mullet when he was alive and they don’t care now. But they will care soon because Darren Mullet has risen from his grave as a zombie bent on violent revenge and the vile, horrible teenagers are about to pay for their sins.

Justine the prim and proper head girl is drawn into the in crowd. Somehow she overlooks the fact that the leader of the crowd Bradley (Alex Pettyfer) is a violent brat with a David Beckham haircut and an equally violent hench bodyguard in Marcus (Tom Hopper). Justine is wooed by handsome in-crowder Alexis (Dimitri Leonidas). She likes him despite the fact he’s one of a gang of unpleasant thugs.

Justine has an 80’s hair cut and a place at Oxford to study law. And as Alexis’ girlfriend, she is allowed into the in crowd. These new friends are bad for her but she doesn’t seem to notice. Bradley and his gang dominate the school through good looks, malicious behaviour, cruelty, public humiliation and aggression. They are genuinely formidable and Justine joins in their group dynamic uncaring.

The headmaster (Peter Amory of 'Emmerdale') is ineffective, other students hate and fear them but nothing is done. But Darren Mullet zombie avenger strikes back in a blackly comic rampage. Darren carries out his revenge in nastily inventive ways: the school swimming pool, shower room, art room, common room and even the local graveyard aren’t safe.

Even as all this goes on, Bradley continues his school yard malice and lashing out at his followers if they defy his arbitrary social code. As Justine realises what her new friends are really like, she does much of her worst damage through trying to be good.

This was very good, though one has to wonder: where were their parents during all this?

Best Lines:
Death is so erogenous. I wish I was dead.”

“That boy hanged himself. How can that be an excuse for a party?”
“Oh don’t worry sweetie, no-one was going to invite you anyway.”

“Jeremy Prendergast’s mother called. He went to a party last night and he hasn’t come home.”
“If I know Jeremy, he’s probably lying drunk in a gutter somewhere.”

“You won’t need to self harm, ‘cause I’ll be doing it for you.”

“Mullet is dead which means he can’t be sending me texts. I don’t think that you get a signal up there.”

“You wanna know why we picked on him? We were bored. He was a spaz.”
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