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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Krypton' season 2 trailer

Zod. Lyta. Doomsday. Lobo. Annoying 'heroes'. Who will kneel?

Best Line:

“Stolen our better tomorrow.”

'Good Boys' tv spot


'Deep Water' promo


'Stratton' promo


Mint choc – okay.

What's a deep cycle battery?

I'd try apple iced tea.

Who saw 'All That Jazz'?

Recall the 'In Living Color' skit 'Wrath Of Farrakhan'?

I won't read 'The Chain' or 'All The Bad Apples'.

My ex doesn't care, at all. He's moved on. He's heartless. How can he treat me so appallingly? My ex deeply disllusioned me. Things are unresolved with my ex. How am I now not wanted by my ex?

I want a cream top, a rollneck jumper, a bucket bag and a black jersey top.

'Batman' (1966) movie Quotes:

“A low neighbourhood.”

“Gosh drink is sure a filthy thing isn't it? I'd rather be dead than unable to trust my own eyes.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Took to Twitter, naturally.”

“Cardinal going down a hole in the ground.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Last-chance tourism.”


“A world that does not value them as much as they believe it should.”

“Macho myth.”

“Poor directional awareness and visual tracking.”

“Moral superiority.”

“Disgraced themselves so throughly.”

“Moral position.”

“Engaging in behaviours which result in referral to healthcare on multiple occasions.”

“Lost control of the media narrative.”

“Separatist thoughts.”

“Social reengineering.”

“Then be considered suspicious.”

“People who are the least competent often incorrectly overestimate their own abilities because they are too ignorant to know otherwise.”

“Sure, who's drinking tea now?”

“Berated from the pulpit.”

“That's a big thing to be telling people in 1870s Irleand.”

“Hardly the lived reality of the country's inhabitants.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“I'm so reassured.”

'Foyle's War' Quotes:

“Training half the country how to kill.”

“Bugger all indication.”

“Say it I will.”

'Pile Of Bones' Quotes:

“A study of Byzantine buttons and their role in courtly culture.”

“Wish that I had an oracular pig of my very own.”

“Nobody was crying yet, but the day had just begun.”

“She hates fun.”

'Aertel' Quote:

“Fleas, lots of fleas.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quote:

“Nothing to interest the average lowlife.”

'In Living Color' Quote:

“She bitch from hell.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Risk zone.”

“Without hope.”

“Never says sorry for anything.”

“Too frightening a sight for them to visit.”

“Would go straight to video if that format still existed.”

“Constantly told he's bad and an outcast.”

“Lives in a gothic gated mansion attended by a sepulchral butler.”

“An acutal cave, conveniently located underneath his home.”

“Inhabited by idiots.”

“The young couldn't be trusted.”

“Were empty and silent.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“From no handgun.”

“People ignoring the road closure signs.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“There was no chasing her through the school.”

“Social domain.”

“What am I to do?”

“Not that.”

“Victim thinking.”


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