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Book Reviews: The Snowman + Party Summer + What October Brings part 3 👻🦄🐆⚜🐨💀☠😥🐈🎃

The Snowman by R. L. Stine

There is no widespread affection for this 90s horror as the Nice Guy turns out to be an arch-betrayer.

Fear Street Super Chiller Party Summer by R.L. Stine

This was irrevocably crap. My memories of this are not positive ones.

What October Brings: A Lovecraftian Celebration Of Halloween edited by Douglas Draa, part 3

Nyarlahotep Came Down To Georgia

This is southern gothic dreck that has no quietly devastating intensity or ominious threats. Destiny cannot be escaped or denied or something. This tries to be mythically scaled but isn't.

Best Line:


A Night For Masks

Trick or treating is interrupted by the King In Yellow (which was not written by Lovecraft). This was good.

No Other God But Me

A small English village fends off the deep dwellers in this very good story.

Best Lines:

“Needed to defend itself from whatever was out in the bay.”

“The things we've set here against it.”


By Ann K. Schwader. This is an okay tale of Mother Hydra.

Best Line:

“A city drowned before Pangaea broke apart.”

Hum - Hurt You. Hum – Hurt You. Hum - Hurt You

This is a sequel to one of Lovecraft's most famous stories. It involves a cell phone tower, snotty kids and an old man who yells at clouds. Whilst not an endless delight or that innovative or unbearbaly tense – it shows why you should have trepidation about phones. This was okay.

Best Lines:

His work was suppressed by the usual bumpkins.”

“McGrue was coming to the conclusion that Tillinghast was definetly not a cell phone tower repairman.”

“His more threatening manner.”

Cosmic Cola

What year is this set in? It seems to be the 80s. A girl is sent by her unloved and unloving stepfather to a Halloween party. It turns out her stepfather is violating moral and ehtical standards and the girl has an overestimination of her place in the family. Cue bitter regret and sorrowful drama. This was good.

Best Lines:

“To feel isolated in the middle of huge crowd and want to be someplace quiet?”

“Cultists suck.”

Hell Among The Yearlings

A fiddle contest leads to dire cirumstances entirely of a snotty teen's own making. There was not honest and friendly companionship in this okay tale.

Best Lines:

“As threatening a look as he could muster under the cirumstances.”

“Been put in a “special” school, but was afraid to ask what “special” meant.”

Summer's End

I've no idea what this was about.

Best Line:

“His helplessness was a lie.”

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