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Black Lightning 1x07&1x08 + Absentia 1x04-1x06 + Clique 2x04 Reviewed 👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰

Equinox: The Book Of Fate

There is persoanl uncertainty, lack of trust and things can't be de-risked. There is unspoken tension and discord. People are stressing. There is havoc and destruction. Why is Gambi dressed like The Shadow? Black Lightning is antagonistic and there are serious pressing problems.

WTF is the shadow board? There is bullying and bluster and tensions are ramped up and options are closed off. There are inexcusable lies and Gambi makes the sister a supersuit. There are no unyielding ethics just death. WTF is going on? One is unimpressed.

Best Lines:

“6 foot albino.”

“Dead customers don't pay.”

The Book Of Revelation

Anissa gets into escalation. The ASA dissect metas? People talk about the Freeland Experiment and there was an ASA/Lady Eve/Green Light/The 100 connection. Gambi has secrets. This was not emotive and a nuclear powered weapon is on the street.

This was unintelligible and awful. There is a crazy man and the hero does bitter tirades. The other sister has powers. People are openly combative and into unreasonableness. This was not a cultural phenomenon. Sense is confounded. What is the intention here? What are they trying to evoke in the audience? There are suspicions of Gambi.

This was not an emotional journey. This was not highly anticipated. There is an all or nothing stance. This does not leave you ecstatic. There is comic absurdity and it is hard to take seriously. There are no psychological depths. There are sinister discontents and ill-thought ranting and continuing misunderstandings. This was pretenious and there are terrified minions. There are implausibilities and Gambi is not his real name. People are daringly unlikeable and there is no moral responsibility and this was listless and drifting.

Best Lines:

“Picking fights with punks.”

“That's dumb.”

“Who he is and where he came from.”

“Ask him the questions we've never asked.”

“Sad eyes.”

“I told you to take your ass home.”

“Always kill the killer.”

Me You Him Me

Nick won't listen to his wife and arrests her. BITCH Alice whines. Nick kisses BITCH Alice in front of Emily. FFS! BITCH Alice tries to keep Emily from her son. Emily runs after shagging stupid Nick. The goob cop bothers the drunk Jack. This was not emotionally wrenching.

Jack's awful and a hooker shagger/abuser. BITCH Alice is hateful, she says Emily doesn't deserve Flynn and that she hurts everyone. FFS! What a c word BITCH Alice is. She is monstrously egotistical. Emily's dad is bothered. Adam gets beat up. Emily has intense uncertainty. BITCH Alice's acts are a telling illustration of her character. Emily has cold fury, but doesn't smack BITCH Alice around.

BITCH Alice is provocative. Emily is in further and even greater trouble and subject to unfair public perception. Adam's killed off, no great loss. Emily is increasingly vulnerable.

Best Lines:

“Can you open up?”


“I'm glad to be rid of her.”


There are more painful confrontations. The implosion of Emily's life was as swift as it was spectacular. Emily says she saw The Bleeding Eye as a kid. WTF? I hate the goob cop. People are scathing about Emily's conduct – she's fatally undermined. Nick's useless. Emily's under unrelenting scrutiny.

I had unwarrented enthusiasm for this show. BITCH Alice is pinning a baby on Nick now. FFS DIE BITCH Alice! The dark cloud of suspicion grows. BITCH Alice reviles and desposes Emily. Everyone turned on Emily so fast. Why isn't Nick fired? Nick seems upset that Emily's not in a pit full of bones. BITCH Alice and Nick didn't make Emily feel safe or welcome.

Go away BITCH Alice! Stop with your trap baby crap and let Emily have her family back! She's the malign shape in Emily's life. She crawls into Flynn's bed and attacks Emily's integrity. Get rid of BITCH Alice. Her unwarranted interference makes me wanna puke. Nick screams. Jack's the unfavourite. Nick bothers Emily's dad. In a scene that's been coming since 1x01 – Emily's dad lets him have it for remarrying after ONE YEAR and giving up on Emily. One year? I bet BITCH Alice was the side ho. Emily's dad lets Nick know how much he sucks.

This was irredeemably flawed. There are bones in the woods. Emily runs and goes in a river. Why doesn't she get hypothermia or drown? Swivel eyed loon Nick has ideological fervour about blaming Emily.

Best Lines:

“You loyalty's to me now.”


“Raving on and on about.”

“I was plotting against her.”

Nobody's Innocent

I just do not care about this obvious absurdity. Nick turning against Emily shows what a POS he is. Emily's sad reality shows how wholly inadequate he is. People are openly hostile to the excluded and silenced Emily, only a random trucker is nice to her.

Emily learns that Jack has dark secrets and is a perv. Emily's dad calls out toxic BITCH Alice for the hostile environment she has created for Emily. People have shocking bitterness toward Emily who is an abuse survivor. BITCH Alice leaves Flynn outside in a car in the cold to make a dramatic statement. She tantrums about being pregnant and second choice. She runs off with Flynn.

Why isn't BITCH Alice arrested for running off with Flynn? She's NOT his mother and she hs tireless determination to BITCH. Will she exposed as evil and killed off already? Nick negatively affects Emily with no sense of remorse. BITCH Alice wants Emily gone. You leave BITCH Alice! You are the unwanted intruder! Where is the dog? The bum cop whines. Nick abandoned his wife to die. BITCH Alice has an assumption of superiority over Emily. Nick is so tiresome.

Emily cakes herself in makeup to go into a strip club. Where'd she get it? Nick's maddening and has fierce hostility. Emily's shot and now Nick and co think Harlow was inncoent all along. FFS! There is a mass grave and serious implications.

Clique 2x04

I've no idea what is going on or who these people are. Jack yells. There is death, manipulation and this was utterly unimportant. Look at your choices people! There are lies and Jack's mother is a crazy abuser and his brother hates him. Jack has a brother? People leave human decency far behind. Holly turns on Jack like she is in a revoling door. WTF?

Best Lines:

“You watched it?”

“Do I want to?”

“Vile bitch.”

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