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Black Lightning1x05&1x06 + Waco1x05 + Manifest (2018 - ?) 1x01 + I Am Kirsty Reviewed 🐈🐈🐈🌡🌬🐣🐓

And Then The Devil Brought The Plague: The Book Of Green

The hero takes everything in the worst possible way. There is exposition. People mumble about the ASA. There are low behaviour standards. People glare menacingly. There is regret, resentment, morbid mistrust and unjust suspicion. This tries for potent social resonances. Baddies are malign lurking presences. There is emotional turmoil. Black Lighting's dad is mentioned.

There is a flashback to Tobias' dad. Venom is directed. There is weary resignation and a punch that misses by a mile. There are erroneous beliefs and one of the sisters puts on a catsuit and rips it. Cue a costume montage and a wig montage. There are failures in judgment and leadership. The sister puts on a 'superhero' outfit. This was met with indifference. There is pround personal trauma and the sister's 'mask' is gold glitter on her face. A fight goes awry. Men are obstinate and this was not a momentous triumph.

Best Lines:

“I have to have him!”

“Not long enough.”

“This is some ominious lighting.”

“You ain't normal!”

“Thought he was long gone.”

“The black signal.”

“You still hit like a little bitch!”

“Don't make me regret this.”

“Black Lighting your ass.”

“Sound of criticism or disparagement in your voice.”

Three Sevens: The Book Of Thunder

People have mild annoyance at unsavoury acts. People are ill-informed and broadly unreflective. How did the hero call his mate to come save him? Tobias' unspeaking sidekick finally speaks. People feel indisposed. There is obduracy and self-sabotage and bad acting. There is SJW stuff and spittle-flecked disruptive acts. There is secrecy and lies. Things go disasterously wrong in this spurious ep. This are sad realisations and terrible cirumstances and a reckoning. Sadly the reckoning is stupid. Gambi has secrets, he was Jonah on 'Jericho'! The word metahuman is used. Is this part of the Arrow-verse or not?

Best Lines:

“Wilful amnesia.”

“Then hear it.”

“You made promises.”

“You're bleeding on my floor.”

“Sorry boss.”

“Doesn't live out the night.”

“Be the end of you.”

“Right in his grave.”

Stalling For Time

The FBI make things even worse. There is intended escalation by the FBI. The FBI engages in disgraceful and dishonourbale conduct. The FBI threaten the group. They're really really terrible at understanding and empathising. This was not quietly tragic just awful. The FBI blast the compound with stadium lights and noise. David sings a song from 'The Lost Boys'. The FBI's shameful and ludicrous behaviour has a disastrous impact.

Best Lines:

“The ATF are in town and they're hunting Americans.”

“Certain actions will be taken against you.”


A plane lands 5 years after taking off. Things have changed. Josh Dallas stars. People just go back to work. One woman hears voices. The acting is bad. People spy on the returned. The woman's best friend stole her fiancee. Her ex-fiancee is a goob. This was okay.

Best Line:

“It had no interest in being investigated.”

I Am Kirsty (2019)

Another Channel 4 drama. A single mother of 2 out of control brats is ditched by her latest useless boyfriend. A nice man (Paul Kaye) helps her. He is neither nice nor helpful just a moneylender with an agenda. Why didn't she report her thieving con man ex to the police? Will the big useless dumb pudding do something to help herself? She's DUMB and this annoyed. How did she afford make up, FM shoes and hair products for her adventures in ho-ing?

Best Line:

“I don't think you're very nice.”

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