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Book Review: What October Brings: A Lovecraftian Celebration Of Halloween, part 2 🎃👻🐍☣🤬😡🎃

What October Brings: A Lovecraftian Celebration Of Halloween by Douglas Draa, part 2

Waters Strangely Clear

A business trip to Innsmouth leads to long term consequences. One has complete iindifference for this unemotive error of judgement. This unmitigated disaster had airless artificiality.

The House On Jimtown Road

Yet another tale of Innsmouth. Idiots succumb to irrational actions. This ploddingly boring tale of a coterie of evil causes utmost misery. This was unrelentingly dreadful.

Best Lines:

“Rumours of things in the bay.”

“Dark, ominious.”

“I ain't havin' no fish babies in my house!”

Spider Wasp

A town has a culture of acceptance of horror. A man has poisonous hate of the place and in OTT fashion looks for threat and danger. It all comes to an ominious and doomed end as he realises horror has been using him as a plaything. This was an okay tale of dark energies and doomed bravura.

Best Lines:

“Ancient malefic gods of harvest.”

“A ceremonial obsequience to something unnamable and unimaginable.”

“Your destiny to be meat.”

The Old Man Down The Road

An idiot decision sends people into turmoil. Nobody acts in a pragmatic manner and people are unable or unwilling to be sensible. This did not shock or enthral.

The Immortician

A man is resurrected causing resultant unease and shocking consequences. This was good.

Best Lines:

“You've got to be cold to live forever.”

“Only horror on the other side of life.”

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