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Movie Reviews: Midnight Special +Time Bandits +Love In Another Town +Money Monster 🐆🐆🐆🦄🦄🦄

Midnight Special (2016)

Adam Driver and Michael Shannon of 'Waco' star in this sci-fi tale. A guy (Shannon) has desperateness of situation. This was not attention grabbing or filled with drama. The FBI bother a religious group. Shannon, his mate and Shannon's son are on the run. An NSA analyst (Driver) looms. The boy has mysterious powers.

Shannon is highly distressed. The FBI have a confrontational approach. Driver is naive, energetic, terribly enthuistic and so terribly square. Nancy Grace has a cameo as herself. Is the kid connected to aliens? We don't know. Shannon's mate is a State Trooper on the run from the law. Nobody notices the car glowing with mysterious light? The kid kills grass. There is a man brawl.

The dad's name is Roy. The kid is sick and then he isn't. People stare into nowhere. What is the kid? There is a gunfight in a motel that nobody notices. It must be an unusually interesting sight. Also 2 bleeding men in a car go unnoticed. The NSA guy, Paul, broods and looms some more. How did Paul and the kid get out of the facility? The kid can cause power cuts. The mate is named Lucas.

Roy meets his baby mama who looks a decade or two younger than him which goes uncommented on. Black helicopters lurk. Where did the cult leader (Sam Shepard) go? A mysterious alien or alternate dimension city is seen. It looks like DisneyWorld. Paul is somehow not arrested for everything. The mother (Kirsten Dunst) cuts her massive plait off. How did she get away? This was bizarre and opaque but okay. Nothing is explained and there are references to certain actors roles in DC and 'Star Wars' movies.

Best Lines:

“They're coming.”

“Decide our whole way of life.”

“Main economic function of your ranch?”

“Unknown languages.”

“Didn't need to go down like that.”

“Don't interfere with me again.”

“Detecting a nuclear event.”

“Did you mean to do that?”


“Did what I couldn't.”

“I belong in another world.”

“They watch us. They've been watching us for a very long time.”

“Too much to ask for you to punch me in the face?”

Time Bandits (1981)

I could care less.

Love In Another Town (1997)

Adrian Pasdar becomes the rebound love for a woman whose bastard husband dumps her for a ho. This was idiotic.

Money Monster (2016)

Go away George Clooney.

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