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Absentia 1x03+Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Part 4+Gotham 5x12+Being Human 5x06 Reviewed 🦇🦇🦇🐬🐧

The Emily Show

Emily is not Nick's ex-wife despite numerous people referring to her as such. She is his wife. The BITCH Alice is the intruder. The goob bum cop bothers Emily. Flynn is a stupid goob. This show is descending into absurdity and has no sustained tension. Nick has a bottomless capacity to ignore logic. Someone has evil destructive plans for Emily and there is damning emphasis on her.

Nothing increases the unease. Nobody is innately decent. The pivotal atrocity of Emily's SIX YEAR ABDUCTION is ignored. The show has a general air of neglect. Jack sulks and drinks. BITCH Alice is profoundly repugnant. Flynn is deliberately provocative. Emily ends up on the wrong side of Nick's temper.

This ep is not a momentous triumph. Is Emily the subject of malicious lies? Or is she grossly misleading people? This show is not exactly about the traumatic consequences of the abduction. People chuck their ethics out of the window. Go-karting ends up riven by tensions. Emily ends up exposed to contempt, ridicule, disgrace, disrepute and disapproving glances. I'm sick of BITCH Alice greeting Emily with resentment. BITCH Alice needs to get away from Emily's husband, dog, house and son.

There is mounting gloom, defeat and despair. BITCH Alice is clearly irritated by Emily. BITCH Alice is not Flynn's mother – she needs to stop saying she is. This was woefully forced. This was not enormously satisfying or rich with menaing. BITCH Alice has a calculated undertone and insignation. Where is Emily's emotional support? Will BITCH Alice just go?!? BITCH Alcie wants to keep Emily away from her son. Will Nick kick BITCH Alice out of his house and life already?!?! BITCH Alice wants total control over every facet of Nick and Flynn. So much for reasonable objections. Emily is not well thought of.

BITCH Alice and her cruel edicts cause unnecessary anguish. The cops pick on Emily. She has huge reputational damage. May god curse BITCH Alice. This ep was not an astounding achievement. Things get desperately tragic and harrowing for Emily. There is no compelling eeriness. BITCH Alice has nefarious purpose and spiteful ripostes. Someone needs to smack BITCH Alice in her fat mouth. Jack has non-responsibility.

Jack is resentful. BITCH Alice is deliberately provocative. Emily's adopted. I'm sure that will be important later. Jack has vindictiveness adn is notoriously volatile. Cue a bitter confrontation. Emily was creeping around in 1x02. BITCH Alice stole her life. Why was Emily allowed to survive? This was deeply negative. Nick needs to get rid of BITCH Alice. Nobody cares about the traumatic consequences of Emily's abduction. Nick's boss Adam is sneaky.

Best Lines:

“Judgement it is.”

“Stand there judging me all night.”

“In a Mexican jail.”

“What should have been my life.”

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Part 4

The final ever ep. Whcih has no profound impact. There are catastrophic results due to Shelia's selfishness and Joel's stupidity. This was nonsensical. Nobody is wise or profound. Goran plots. There is no urgency or desperation. Shelia gets speared to a wall. Abby is terrible. There is no moral edge. Shelia lives in a sordid and obsessive world. Old characters return. This was unimaginative. There is zombie killing. Goran gets killed. Shelia is problematic. Abby and her boy hook up. So many plot threads are left dangling. Joel tempts fate. Mr Ball Legs shows his power. Shelia bites Joel and this was dreary tedium.

Best Lines:

“That is not even close to being factually accurate.”

“Never be mean to the man who's gonna determine the size of your cage.”

“Yes, that string of words.”

“The end will always be violent, merciless.”


The Beginning

10 years have passed since Bruce abandoned Selina and Gotham. Bruce is recast with someone who is way more effective. 'Batman Begins' is copiously ripped off. Gordon has a tash, Barbara is a redhead, Bullock hasn't changed his clothes in 10 years, Riddler is still crazy and Penguin is fat. Gordon's daughter Barbara will be Batgirl some day. Has Dick Grayson been born? Bullock is framed, again.

Joker has being faking brain death for 10 years. Barbara is queen of Gotham and has got away with all her sins. Gordon is still married to the ho Lee. Where is Mr Freeze? A recast Catwoman rips off a scene from 'Batman' (1966). Penguin tries to kill Gordon. Alfred still lickarses Bruce. Fox lurks. Riddler's an idiot. A clocktower. Bruce told Alfred and Fox his mad plans, offscreen. The name Joker is never used. Joker gets a batarang through the hand. Bruce leaves Gordon to rescue his endangered daughter by himself. Lazy jerk. The batsignal is lit and Bruce poses. This was bad.

Best Lines:


“Everyone will know you did this.”

“He tried to blow me up. Again!”

“How long have you been pretending to be brain dead?”

“How long have you? That's a joke. I know you're not pretending.”

The Last Broadcast

This final ever ep had no emotional satisfaction. Who are these characters who can't act? They are less civically minded. The acting was terrible. The devil shows up for disruptive pleasures. The apoc is unleashed. This was rubbish. Who was the goob? The trio deserve to be trapped in a dream for eternity.

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