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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Son' trailer

Obvious dubbing. A baby.

'Hollyoaks' promo

Finn and Laurie in the same prison van?!?

Cauliflower hash browns – okay.

Indian style lentil dhal – okay.

Dark chocolate with strawberry pieces, pistachios and rose pepper – okay.

'Designated Survivor' axed, again. FFS!

Is Larry being evicted from Number 10?

Who saw 'Lipstick Jungle'?

I've no life script.

Who else has eaten in The Rainforest Cafe?

My ex refuses to pay attention to me. I had presumption of trust with my ex. When did he turn into a joyless bully? I deplore the misery my ex caused. His kindness was not all it seemed. How did negativity escalate so quickly in my relationship? Was it a relationship or a situationship? You find out after. I thought it was a serious commitment.

I'd try smoked sea salt, apple flavour popcorn, hand-made raw milk blue cheese and apricot and cumin ketchup and a chocolate delight cocktail and a gin lavender sour cocktail.

There will be a 4th season of 'The Handmaid's Tale'! WHY?!?

I've mallstalgia.

I want a feather trimmed minidress and a cream miniskirt.

'Family Man, Family Murderer' was okay.

Best Lines:

“You disgust me.”

“That is where he will die.”

“Growing body of suspicion.”

'JFK Jr and Carolyn's Wedding: The Lost Tapes' was okay padding but Elizabeth McGovern has sunk to this?

Best Lines:

“Making him unhappy.”

“Kennedy culture.”

“Effortless charm.”

“Feral horses.”

“Back clevage.”

“The trouble that he would start.”

“Jumping over shubbery.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Job he's wanted a lifetime.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Societal costs.”

“Parental naivety.”

“Guardian of his legacy.”

“Waiting for relatives who never returned.”

“Her life as she knew it had evaporated in the previous six days.”

“Accusing gaze.”

“Signed audibly.”

“Haunted by her online reputation.”

“No particular welcome for them.”

“Brought down by a lobster.”

“Intensity of public anger.”

“End up on an emotionally tormented drug addict and alcholic living in self-imposed hell?”

“Psychological excavation.”

“Coercive atmosphere.”

“Cultural iconography.”

“A reckoning is under way.”

“Should be ready for consequences.”

“The version in English triggered some sighing. The French translation generated actual booing.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:


“My home is my prison.”

“No one trusts her.”

“Started trouble.”

'Blackadder III' Quotes:

“A few less fat bastards eating all the pie.”

“Sod the proles!”

“Worthless bastards to a man.”

“Ill-educated oaf.”

'The Kids Are Alright' Quotes:

“No hobbies under than turning off lights.”

“Why's he wearing my maternity underwear?”

“Finally taught you something.”

“Yeah. How to bleed.”

“He struck me!”

“Somebody was bound to.”

'Tales From The Darkside' Quotes:

“The no diet diet.”

“Give you a lot of trouble.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes;

“Living in constant nostalgia.”

“Total end of an era.”

“Running out of relevance.”

“Eventful life.”

“Claw back his career.”

“I refuse to participate in this unproductive exchange.”


“Disgusting human being.”

“Invoke his muse.”

“Poisoned utopia.”

“Talking in slightly paranoid fashion about her enemies,”


“Intelligent tourism.”

“Did little to justify his reputation.”

“Ceaseless motion in deep time,”

“Make bad decisions to get it.”

“Considered it prudent not to respond to it.”

“Unlikely to be much sympathy for him.”

“Cordon off a loo due to the horrors that had occured within.”

“Effortless superiority.”

“Always presents his worst side to the world.”

“Throwing up inside my own t-shirt.”

On 'Hollyoaks': the bizarre Dr Levi stalks Maxine on her wedding day to get her to confess her lies. Sienna wants her children back. Sienna wears a bizarre wig.

Best Lines:

“Attention seeking liar!”

“You're not dying at all!”

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