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Book Review: The Never Ending Sacrifice

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Never Ending Sacrifice by Una McCormack

Star Trek’ in good novel shock. This latest in the DS9 relaunch saga takes characters from a minor second season DS9 ep and spins them off into their own novel. ‘The Never Ending Sacrifice’ spans over eight years and covers galaxy changing events from the Cardassian POV.

Rugal was a Cardassian boy left behind on Bajor after the occupation. He was presumed to be an orphan and orphans have no status or place on Cardassian. So a kindly Bajoran family adopted him but after a few years, Rugal became the subject of political and legal machinations.

Rugal was taken from his Bajoran parents and sent back to Cardassia with a father he didn’t know. Rugal was thrust into a society he did not understand or fit into. But that was only the beginning, for Rugal’s life continued to be dominated by outside forces. Rugal’s destiny was shaped by the Dominion War, the decimation of Cardassia and the uneasy peace that followed. Rugal has to find his own way and own identity and purpose.

This is an excellent read, a thoughtful and detailed exploration of an alien culture and mindset.
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