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DS96x17+Clique2x03+Another Life (2019) 1x01+Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 part3+Handmaid's Tale 3x09

Wrongs Darker Than Death Or Night

To add to Dukat's sins, we learn he had Kira's mother as a 'comfort woman'. Ick. Kira time travels via the Orb Of Time. This was taste free.

Best Line:

“Eat better than they have any right to.”

Clique 2x03

There is incoherence, aggrssively uncompromising SJWs and a soundtrack centred on singers who squawk like they're gurgling. People vilify their doubters. This was frustrating and had no moral clout. There are incalculable consequences, diabolical purposes, destuctive fury and major and lasting implications and destructive whims.

Nobody is unwaveringly supportive and people wilfully and maliciously act out. People are locked in bitterness and hatred. Will the bitch Holly just shut up? She's utterly unredeemable. Some wimp whines. Holly's obdurate. This was seedy and there was a myriad of complications. This was inherently flawed. This was mundane. This was morally reprehensible behaviour and this was irritating with a lack of accountability and egoic decisions.

Best Line:

“These are not the good guys!”

Across The Universe

An alien thing arrives in orbit and then plants itself on Earth. A bad mother, an alien signal, bad acting, a space ship crewed by people with no apparent sense of duty and stupid mumbling characters fill this dreadful show.

A bony woman (Katee Sackhoff) in her underwear whines. Some bratty screaming kid attention seeks. Various female crew members on the space ship are CAKED in makeup. There are no uniforms, humanity has FTL and the ship is off course. This drama won't be long running. A female astronaut has nail polish. There is a looming crisis and a blue star and Earth has orbital resorts.

There is a mission observer. This was dire and a disaster. Are the aliens adversaries? There is holographic communication, the bony female commander looks frail, there is a flawed logic and a mutiny and a fist fight and this fails.

There is disturbing behaviour and this is like a bad parody. A dead star walking (Tyler Hoechlin) is murdered. This was extremely poor and the lead character is named Niko and she has mental and behavioural disorders No, just NO to this.

Best Lines:

“3 tiered highways.”

“Manufactured melodrama.”

“4 families to an apartment.”

“Travel through the dark matter.”

“Back when DC was still above water.”

“No signs of hostility.”

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Review part 3

I watched 3x08-3x09. This was unmitigated disaster that has a fevered atmosphere. People are not unduly burdened by any sense of intellectual prowess. Sense is devalued and dismissed. This was not impactful. There is no goofy energy. This was ramshackle. Abby annoys and an annoying girl annoys. Mr Ball Legs escapes. An old lady zombie eats her thieving nurse. This was not a sheer delight. This was not even mildly amusing. There are grievances and unpleasant people. This was illogical. Joel's dumb and a new issue arises.

Best Lines:

“A guy. That you killed. With a knife. Into his brain.”

“Nothing is that good.”

“Biting every weirdo you met on the internet.”

“B movie killing machine.”

“Not a fun eat.”

“Tastes like cough syrup that's been sitting in a lawn mower.”


June is punished for causing OfMatthew to be shot. She has to kneel by the brain dead Handmaid's hospital bed until she has her baby. Suck it June. Gilead has a very modern shiny efficient hospital. I don't care for June's voiceover and snotty face pulling. June deserves every bad thing that happens to her. Homewrecking selfish slut. There is talk of decency codes and internet raids. So Amazon and co are gone. June is heartless about OfMatthew. She's morally repellent. Janine calls her out for being selfish. How does June get away with stealing a scalpel and attacking Serena Joy? To hell with June and her emotional anguish. June comes up with another moronic doomed to fail plan. Cancel this already!

Best Lines:

“No future for her.”

“Track their pelvic development.”

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