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Batman 3x25&3x26+Waco 1x04+STDS9 6x18+Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Review, part 2+I Am Nicola ☀

The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra

There are no more triumphs for this show. The duo live hectic lives as a new moral degenerate is in town, engaging in suspicious behaviour. This show was not long-enduring. This show did not have the ending of its choice. This was not well wrought. A woman sins in public. This was a pretentious shambles.

There is no terrifying menace. One feels mounting weariness. This ep was of little account. Robin still has boisterous charm and Batman is still into self-glorification and over-assertions. Barbara is bilious. This was illogical and this show ceased to be of significance in season 2. Season 3 was exceptionally callow. Batman has windbaggery.

This show had a brief but dramatic dominace. People do ethically dubious things. Batman invented the mobile phone. This was laughably feeble and impressively bad. The baddie is brutally unkind. O'Hara wonders who the person who answers the batphone is. The baddies are attention craving lunatics. The script is borderline piteous.

People are serenly uncurious about the scientific horrors unleashed in this total failure of an ep. Batgirl is the most useless creasture who ever walked the earth. Big bads lurk. The latest unstable loner in town is a trout faced harridan into shudder inducing atrocities. Alfred has automatic support for Bruce's stupidity. I detest the mention of Batgirl. I've an low opinion of this interminable ep. Ida Lupino guest starred.

Best Lines:

“Junior bird man.”

“To the alley!”

“I'm getting flat!”

“What a pity.”

“She looks very pretty when she's asleep.”

“I thought you might eventually notice that. That single statement indicates to me the first oncoming thrust of manhood, old chum.”

Minerva, Mayhem And Millionaires

This is the final ever ep. Such a miserable end. A baddie (Zsa Zsa Gabor) does disfavour and she has wilfulness and disregard for decent conduct. She's ridiculous, unjust and cruel. Bruce is bitterly opposed to evil. The baddie does self-destructive intrigues. There are no greater things in this.

Robin is Batman's trusty and well-beloved sidekick. Minerva thinks Robin is Batman's son. Batman said he'd be proud if Robin was his son. Then why not adopt him?!?! There are no charismatic interventions. Batman gurns. This was tedious but Robin does have an interesting reaction when called Batman's son.

This is a self-inflicted catastrophe which causes a profound sense of disappointment. There is ill fortune and Robin gets punched in the face. It being the 60s, I'm sure no one ever asked why Bruce Wayne's ward had mysterious injuries. The baddie has unfeeling glee and Batgirl runs off in her sparkly purple Batgirl suit. The power dynamic between Batman and Robin is never ever addressed.

Best Lines:

“Meet me in the alley behind the spa.”

“I'll meet you in the alley in a moment.”

“I try to keep pretty active with falconry and spelunking.”

“To the Batpoles, Dick.”

“Altough I'd be proud if he were, this is not my son.”

Of Milk And Men

The ATF are consistently awful and make things worse. They are without a single redeeming feature and use TANKS against the group. There are liberal opportunities for shouting. The AFT/FBI are scum. They eat junk food while laughing about starving the group. The FBI sniper who shot Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge tries to kill somoene. The FBI/ATF lie on tv about the group. Reporters mock the group and don't create goodwill. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“Judgement word.”

“What we did to deserve all this?”

“Make em look too normal.”


Section 31 debut as they look for a Dominion spy on DS9. Bashir becomes the prime and only suspect. Where is the JAG? There is some seriously bad acting in this ep. People don't trust Bashir. There is an idiot twist. This was okay.

Best Line:

“Was I alone in solitary?”

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Review, part 2

I watched 3x06&3x07. People ignore the interests of decency. Joel is full of extreme petulance and Shelia does heartless rejoicing and is protected from the consequences of that. There is a decay of morality. There is no reasoned discourse. This was profoundly unserious ineptitude.

This was unimaginatively done. There is unspeakable chicanery. The brat daughter is ever more annoying and given to disastrous misjudgement. This was absolutely ludicrous. There is no steadfastness. The daughter gets concern and raises questions. People deliberately seek to mislead. There are no amicable resolutions. There are harmful impacts. This drives the joy and spontaneity out.

Best Lines:

“I love being a prop in other peoples lives.”

“Dig a murder hole.”

“Falling backwards into his own murder hole.”

“Frame a fish for murder.”

“Leads his undead army as it eats its way through America.”

“The FBI are just fancy cops."

“I dug it out of the trash after my mom threw it out.”

“I'd like to not be there anymore.”

“You're still grounded from your last bombing.”

“Put a bag on your head until you cried.”

I Am Nicola (2019)

Vicky McClure stars in this tale of domestic abuse. It's emotional not physical. This was depressing.

Best Lines:

“Bastard door.”

“You, you, you all the time.”

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