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Book Reviews: Thomas Cromwell + Dark Congress 💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢

Thomas Cromwell by Diarmaid MacCulloch

This biography is printed in very small type. Cromwell rose from lowly origins to carry out audacious stratagems in the Tudor court. He has had a low reputation ever since. This was a sadly dull tale of the rise and fall and ill fortune of Cromwell. Sadly it is so dull.

Best Lines:

“Birth surname.”

“Neither of the subsequent Richards could be counted a success.”

“Profound sense of divine favour.”

“Much enjoyed spending money.”

“More intelligence than the average product of hereditary rule.”

“Impeccable royal lineage.”

“Dynastic asset.”

“Continued to please the King.”

“Solemn papal curses, which Henry VII acknowledged with due reverence and completely ignored.”

“A master who beyond a certain point was almost impossible to serve successfully.”

“A former menial servant who had been moving his mother's wardrope around only a few years before.”

“With whom his acquaintance would both deepen and darken.”

“He pursued to the death anyone who challenged his family's grasp on the crown, either by their actions or by merely existing.”

“Encouraged in their malice.”

“Turn relationships into adversarial contests,”

“Anne was safely in the grave.”

“Whose soul God pardon.”

“Had never enjoyed legal existence.”

“In what was increasingly obvious house arrest.”

“No slouch when it came to the staging of screaming rows.”

“Personal confrontations.”

“Unassailable public role.”

“Defiant statement.”

“Enemies for life.”

“Remarkable staying power in the King's affections relied on his pliable charm and Henry's warm memories.”

“Lacked the administrative abilities required for celebrations in a brewery, let alone governing a kingdom.”

“Only person in the realm who could have got away with such open hostility.”

“In a understandably self-pitying though not inaccurate list of all the people who hated him.”

“Ill-defined duties.”

“Gilded custody.”

“Importunate clamour.”

“Ladies of lurid reputation.”

“No more triumphs for her.”

“Dishonourable mention.”

Bad Buffy The Vampire Slayer Novel

Dark Congress

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